Sunday, January 8, 2012

so you can get hopping

I thought it might be helpful to if you
could find my Easter tutorials all in one place
and get an early start on the Easter Bunny .

Just a little bit of trivia ~
did you know my Fabric Carrots tutorial
has been viewed 17,540 times !

So if you would like that number to go up again
click here for the tutorial .

Daffodils are for anytime but especially nice for Easter.
Tutorial here .

maybe you'd like to try placemats and coasters
tutorial here.

Fabric tulips here.

 Easy Easter craft for kids here.

Or something for the Easter Bunny to carry his eggs in here.

There will be a Valentine's Day tutorial next week
and another Easter tutorial is coming up .

This lot should keep you out of trouble .

Thanks for hopping in , see you soon !


Barb said...

What a great post linking to these wonderful crafts!!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

My husband saw Easter eggs in the supermarket this morning and was aghast... you can tell he's not a crafter!! lol
Lovely projects Clare.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Maria said...

Thank you for the tutorials Clare.
Would you believe I still have a carrot next my chair in the cave that needs stuffing.Now long has that been there??? LOL

Allie said...

Love all your tutorials, girl, such darling projects! Thank you!

Selina said...

I can believe that about your carrot tutorial, it's bloody fabulous! So quick, simple, easy to understand, and a little addictive!

Chocolate Cat said...

Perfect timing, Easter will be here before we know it!

Shay said...

I went carrot mad last year . That tutorial of yours is so much fun and they look fabulous !

Kate said...

Great idea to put all the Easter tutorials together - thank you!

Madeleine said...

So many lovely colors! :D

Unknown said...

I love those carrots! If you ever fancy doing a tute for my blog I can supply all your felty needs!

Krista Schneider said...

Great tutorials! Love the scrappy egg coasters, ima make some!

quilary said...

Great lot of tutorials, Clare! Wow those carrots are popular!

Kathy H said...

Thanks for the tutorial on those cute carrots. I will have to make some to be ready for the Easter bunny. They are very cute.

Esw said...

Hi Clare I have just found your blog courtesy of the ever time consuming pinterest! Totally loving it and looking forward to following your crafts

Emma - Ireland