Thursday, February 27, 2014

easter tutorials and those carrots

It really is time to get hopping with some Easter craft
so I have bundled up my most popular tutorials
so you can get started .
First off are my fabric carrots.
These have been pinned a sqillion times because
they are fun and so very easy to make.
You can find the tutorial here.
Then there is my favourite flower ever here.
Pretty shabby coasters and placemats here.
Tulip tutorial here.

Crepe paper carrots filled with popcorn here.

Speckled eggs here.
Some easy craft for the kids here.
Have fun crafting for Easter!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

these are a few of my favourite pins ~ Easter

Hippity hoppity the Easter Bunny is on his way.
I've rounded up a few Easter things so you can get hopping.
Embroidery floss Easter Eggs from Everyday Celebrating
Fabric Easter Eggs from Retro Mama.
101 Handmade Easter Craft Ideas from Etsy.
That should be enough to keep you going until
next week when I come back and show you some
more great Easter pins.
What are you waiting for hop to it !

Saturday, February 15, 2014

now I can put a pineapple on anything

Why would anyone in their right mind
spend a whole day cutting millions of prairie points
and then spend another day sewing the millions
of prairie points onto fabric just so they
could have a pineapple?
Did I mention there were millions of prairie points?
I'm so glad I finally have this idea out of my head now.
because if I thought about it anymore my head
would have blown off.
If you would like a tutorial for a pineapple let me know.
I'm happy to keep your head from blowing off too.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

not your average nana

I picked up this great but ratty stool at a garage sale.
When I posted a photo of it on instagram
the main response was "my nan had one of those"!

 I never met my nan but

I like to imagine she was a fun and funky nan

so I hope she'd like what I've done to the stool.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

a quick valentine's day roundup

As some of you may know we don't do Valentine's Day
in our house but I still love hearts!
 I've gathered a few of my heart projects so if
you would like to make a few pretty hearts here are
the links to those on my blog ~
Hanging fabric hearts tutorial can be found here
Little tiny hearts can be found here.
Paper heart garland here.
and finally a shaggy , scrappy heart here.
Although some of them couldn't officially be called tutorials
they are so simple to do just by looking at the pictures.
I like simple.
I do simple well.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

these are a few of my favourite pins ~ crochet tutorials

I mentioned last time I would show you
some of my favourite crochet tutorials
well here they are ~
Learn to chain, single crochet and turn your work
Hooking ... the legal way from Little Becky Home
Granny Square from One Artsy Mama.
There are thousands of learn to crochet pins
but hopefully I chose tutorials that are very clear
for those who are just learning.
For looking and learning at fun and colourful crochet
you really can't go past Lucy from Attic 24.
I love hooking.