Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

My treasure this week are these gorgeous plates .
My husband found these at a garage sale many years ago .
There are also a couple of dinner plates although
 nowhere near a complete set .
My dear husband knows me so well that I
wouldn't care if it wasn't a complete set .
I can't wear matching socks so why would I worry
about matching plates .
My whole house is a hotch potch why should mealtime be any different !

Come and show your treasures , all welcome !

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast Fabric Gifts - Giveaway Winner !

You girls were fast !
We have a winner of the Fast Fabric Gifts book
and it is Jessica from Scrappy and Happy !
But I did think Quilary was super , super quick 
and deserves something as well .
 Quilary  if you would like to choose a pattern from my shop
I will send one off to you very quickly !
Would both of you please email me with your details .

Another book giveaway next week ,
you really don't want to miss this one .

I have the photo of my shaggy flowers in this post
as it is the end of the month and I don't want
Peg and Kris thinking I'm slacking off my OPAM stuff

I will have the tutorial for the
shaggy flowers up on Wednesday
so that will be 3 posts in 3 days !
(Tuesday Treasures tomorrow )
I'm getting up to my 250 post mark very quickly .

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Fast Fabric Gifts " Book Giveaway

Another fantastic craft book Fast Fabric Gifts .
So in keeping with the fast theme we'll have a fast giveaway !
No hoops to jump through just leave a comment on this post .
Giveaway is open to all .
I'll draw the winner on Monday .
Good luck !

This giveaway is now closed , thankyou for your interest.
Another great giveaway next week !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Toby here .....still

Hello thanks for visiting .
It has been slow progress this getting better .
Clare has been too busy playing with other things
to spend too much time with me .
I just sit and look out the window , waiting , waiting .
Are all these other things really
 more important than me I ask her .
She keeps going on about stuff like having to go to work.
I hate her going to work because
she leaves me at the window,
waiting , waiting .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coming up

Another craft book giveaway .

A makeover .

A tutorial for my version of shabby flowers .

and a message from sick Toby .

All this should keep me out of trouble for a while .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

My treasure this week is very special
and I don't even know why !
It seems I have had this basket forever as I can
 remember playing with it when I was very little .
It shows doesn't it ,  see all the repairs that have
 been done to it over the years .
I have no idea where it originally came from but
I am assuming one of my grandparents .

My treasure is a bit like me cracked but still cheerful !

PS Thanks so much for all your kind support !
A special hello to Chris (no blog ) from New Zealand
I hope you are feeling ok today and thankyou for your thoughts .

Come on show us your treasures cracks and all !

Monday, August 23, 2010

The good , the bad and the ugly .

The good news is
The winner of Sew Fabulous Fabric is
Kathy would you please email me with your details .

The bad news is I only have one copy to give away .

This is the ugly ..

Most of you would have gathered by now I'm a bit of a chatterbox
and I love blogging and bloggers .
Each and every comment I receive I read and try and return the visit .
Every single visitor and follower is appreciated .
If someone pops in and has a cuppa I'm so happy .
Unfortunately it's become a little uncomfortable around here as
I have rubbed someone up the wrong way and they are becoming increasingly nasty .
If my being too cheerful sickens you so much , why do you keep coming here ?
Anonymous if you don't like my blog , please don't visit .
If you don't like me , please don't leave comments for me .
Easy !
I apologise to the other bloggers who left anonymous comments
to enter this giveaway , you all left ways I could contact you
and this little outburst is not directed at you
and you are welcome anytime .

All other nice bloggers welcome too , the kettle's on !

I'll be back for Tuesday Treasures tomorrow
and I'll still be cheerful , so there !

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Craft Book Giveaway !

To celebrate my new friend Stick let's have a giveaway !

I can't help it I love books .
Would you like a copy of
Sew Fabulous Fabric ?
Silly question , who wouldn't ?
Please just leave a comment on this post
and I will draw the lucky winner on Monday .
Please make sure I can contact you .
As always my giveaways are open to all .
Good luck !
This giveaway is now closed .
Thankyou for your interest there will be
 another giveaway next week !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a new friend !

My new friend is hidden in my laptop bag .
My new friend is just so clever .
My new friend prevents blog withdrawals .
My new friend laughs at the rest of my family
on sloooow internet speeds .
Would you like to meet my new friend ...
introducing Stick !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not only is it naughty

but downloading movies on the internet uses up all your
allowance for the month very quickly , like in a blink !
I'm not being snobby not visiting anyone , I just can't .
You can bet your last dollar that my 15 year old son
was not downloading Gone With The Wind but
that is sure where he sent our internet
 use for the rest of the month ,
it has gone with the wind too !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

These dusty old bottles are indeed treasures .
My son like a lot of little boys liked to dig and dig and dig .
He used to dig so much he found where people used bury
 their rubbish in the bottom of our yard .
He would dig up all the old bottles
 knowing how much I liked them .
This is only a small selection of them ,
 there are just so many .
My son is almost 15 now but I can still see
 the pride on his much younger face
each time he presented me with a new bottle .
Precious treasures both the bottles and the son .

Come along and show your treasures .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

You aren't all axe murderers .

On the left is the teapot I picked up from Vinnies and showed you a while back .
On the right is the jug that matches it that a blogger sent to me .
Who is this blogger you ask ?
Not a clue , no idea !
I received this jug in the mail the other day and all I know is it came from Victoria .
The person sent it as a surprise because she knew I had the teapot .
This person didn't want to say who she was because
she didn't want me to feel obligated to repay her .
Can you believe how kind some people are !
I was really floored by the generosity of this person
and am just so touched that they took the time and effort to send it to me .
I hope my mystery gifter reads this and knows how happy and grateful I am .
Thankyou so much .

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Doctors Report

Medical report for Toby Kennedy .
The patient appears to be resting comfortably .
We did a cbc, a chem 7 and other stuff , stat !
There's seems to be a little trouble with his heart .
Doctor recommends - patient is to continue bed rest
until further notice .

Really big bill on the way .

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cooking up a .......

Well of course I can't show you all of what I'm making as
this is for a swap but I'm pretty sure my partner doesn't read my blog .
It's just that there is not a lot I can show you at the moment as it is all TOP SECRET stuff !
 I have some big things
in the works and I wouldn't like to spoil your surprise !
Truthfully I'll be the one surprised if I get it all done .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

I wear this treasure of mine every day .
My beautiful watch originally was given
 to my great Auntie Olive
in 1915 by her then fiance , before he left for war .
Sadly he never came home .

Short and sweet from me today .

Come along and play .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Toby the Dog is one of my first designs and he's getting a bit tired .
He is a very loyal little dog but I think he's due for a makeover so
he will be in The Craftroom this week for some botox , some collagen
and maybe a bit of liposuction .
(Do I sound a bit too familiar with those words?)
I promise it won't hurt him .
He should be recovered enough by next week to come out for his big reveal and of course I'll have to give him a party as I am really very fond of him .
I hope you can come too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I admit it , I'm easily distracted .

I planned to tidy The Craftroom.
But then I needed to sort the scrapbooking stuff .

I thought I'd have a little play .
I played all day !

I'm so glad I did , it was great fun !

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

Another treasure that I have no idea how I came by
all I know is I have had for such a long time .
If you are thinking , Clare's place must have a lot of junk , you'd be right !
This ceramic house must have been used as a cover for maybe butter at one stage .
Now it sits in my cabinet with all my other junk treasures .
I have never been interested in travelling overseas
 and these days a night out is a rarity .
I am a real homebody and am very happy
to be at home with my crazy little family .
My house is not fancy in any way but it is full of love .
This little piece represents what I love most , my home .

Come and play .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tilda Book Winner

But first I want you to see what I won from
 Cyndi at Bluebirdswing .
Look at all these lovely things !
I don't get out much so I have never seen these Candy Bars but these have given me delusions that some day even I might be a quilter .
I love to visit Bluebirdswing not just because Cyndi has great giveaways and not just because I love the name of her blog but because Cyndi always has something interesting going on .
Thankyou very much Cyndi .

So who won the Tilda book ?

It was .........Janelle from Threads of Friendship !
 I am laughing so much at this because Janelle was one of the bloggers to point me to The Book Depository and I've been paying off my Mastercard ever since !
Janelle woulld you please email me with your details and I will send the book off to you .

Thankyou to everyone that entered , I don't blame you for trying as Tilda books are so great .
I do wish I could give everyone one but since I can't I have
 given another prize of a pattern of your choice
 from my blogshop to........Nicole at Dabbling All Day  .

Nicole is also a player of Tuesday Treasures and her blog is such a happy place to visit .

These sort of posts are a bit ordinary especially when you don't win something .
 I think I have been going out to work too much lately instead of working in The Craftroom , sob .
Then again , have you seen my lunchroom ?
If there is anything you would like to see here please let me know maybe I just need a little push as
I think my little blog is getting a little dull .

Tuesday Treasures is on , well ,Tuesday , hope to see more of you then !