Thursday, November 24, 2011

fabric and pattern giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Squiddley the very cute alien
at Australian Quilt Market I have decided to have a
fabric and pattern giveaway !

This has nothing to do with me becoming a very slack blogger
and needing feedback on my new design , really it doesn't .

Well yes it does but that's ok .

Unfortunately there is a little catch , sorry
but it would cost me a million dollars to post the fabric
and the pattern overseas so I am going to say
only open to Australian bloggers .

I will have one pattern on it's own for overseas visitors.

So if you are an Aussie and would like 3 fat 1/4s and
a pattern for Squiddley please leave a comment on this post.

If you are a guest from overseas please leave a comment
and just let me know you are far , far away ...

There are two fabric and pattern packs , yay !

Squiddley would make a fantastic Christmas
pressie for a little boy because it's really hard
to find stuff to make for them .

I need to be able to contact you if you win so
please make sure you are reachable.

I will draw the winners on Sunday but if you don't win
you will then be able to find the
 Squiddley pattern in my shop.  

Thanks to F.D Textiles for the great fabric !

P.S. You'd make so happy if you blogged about my new
pattern I'd give you an extra entry !


CathyC said...

ooh, he is so cute!
He would be perfect for my Great Nephew ;-)
thanks for the opportunity to win ;-)

Anonymous said...

adorable; perfect for all the boys in my family! Unfortuneatly I am not a blogger but an avid crafter and reader of this wonderful blog you get to call your own :) Making sure that I am in the draw I am able to be contacted on
xx Lori

Kate said...

I've facebooked it on my Bella's Patchwork page for you :-) Looking forward to checking out the pattern this weekend!

Anonymous said...

what a cute little fella.

will try to pop the link on my page KJB Designs

hoping to win so here is my email,


Liz said...

I like the look of these little fellows.Will blog about it.Fun blog as usual.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh so cute, congratulations on a new fabulous pattern. CLEVER. Good luck everyone, thanks for the opportunity lovely Clare, love Posie

Maria said...

Cute little creature, thanks for the chance to win!

simplestitches said...

very cute little guy! love the fabrics too...

Melissa Clinghan said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOOOOVE This, very cute pattern. Well done & good luck with the launch this weekend. Keep up the good work & keep the patterns coming. I know 2 little boys that would love this pattern. Will have to put on my wish list

Melissa Clinghan said...

Whoops Melissa Clinghan details

Ros said...

Fully understand about your Mum's nighties......have done the same thing with some of Mums blouses etc that I couldnt give to charity. Now not sure about this toy and with no boys now only grand daughters, I am sure if I manage to win it they will play with it. Have a great Christmas
Ros dD

Ros said...

Ros is

Maria said...

My GGD would LOVE Mr Squiddley.
Thank you for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

he is adorable Clare, you are so clever xx

Larissa said...

Squiddley is adorable ... I have a cousin's little boy who would just about die if he saw this, lol!!! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway Clare!! ... and the heads up he'll be in available for purchase soon!

Casey Jean said...

Wow I found out about this from a link on Patchwork Orange's page. I'd sure like to win, this would be great for a little boy and I think with a couple of little touches I could make quite a cool little girl alien.

Let me know if I'm lucky,
challacombe_casey at hotmail dot com

CatNCartCrafts said...

Clare - great giveaway offer, I would love the opportunity to win the pattern and fabric. Have not made any toys for a long time, and this would be the opportunity to start again. Thank you
Will also pop a link on my blog about your giveaway

Sarah said...

He is just so cute.
You are just so clever

Shay said...

I've had no end of trouble making a sock monkey this week . Maybe a monster will be easier to make ! Count me in.

Thanks for the chance Clare.

Indigo Blue said...

I would love to have a go at creating this cute little chap. I do live far far away and I believe I might have some fabric suitable upstairs too.

Kathy said...

Squiddley is so cute, Clare. Looking forward to your pattern release:)

Elli said...

Hi Clare! Love your blog- squiddley is very cute. He would be ideal for our foster child. You're so right, boys can be difficult to cater to. Broedy is 11 and too old for teddys (so he tells me) but he still loves to cuddle things! Well hope Im in with a chance. My email is
Keep up the great work- it keeps me inspired. Merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

Yes he is a cute little fellow and would make the perfect gift for a child, If he is simple to sew a good project to complete with your own child to then pass on to the Softies for Mirabel Xmas appeal. Happy sewing!

Sally said...

I really really love this pattern... And you're right - there isn't that much out there for boys.

I have two beautiful boys so I really really appreciate the chance to win.

annemarie said...

So cute - my little grandson would go crazy over this!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS CUTE LITTLE FELLA!!! Would love to make him for my 2 y/old nephew and make one for his baby brother as well who is expected to arrive on 30tn december.

Anonymous said...

Bec from Bec's Bags loves it!

Cathie said...

you are amazing Clare! I would LOVE to make a squiddley.
LOVE it ♥

mel said...

hi clare, squiddley is georgeous, not many things around to make for little boys & i have 4 of them.

Cath said...

he is very cute and as you say, it's hard to get cool boys things, LOVE him, thanks for the competition

Unknown said...

One for Jenny Charles .

Lara @ Luellabella said...

He is adorable! Finally - a pattern to suit the boys too! Love!

Vickie said...

Oh Clare, I am feeling many a youngens will be receiving Squiddley for chrsitams sucha quirky looking fellow,cheers Vickie
P.S. would love to share this on my blog but unfortynately I can't access it at the moment big grr to Blogger

Gloria said...

Clare he is so cute...grandkids would love it. And as you Know I am very far the USA
Thanks for the chance to win...

Gloria said...

Posted about it on my blog.Good luck with the launch....

quilary said...

That's another really great pattern Clare - he is super cute!

Audrey Aggie and Me said...

He is very cute:) an awesome boy's gift . Thanks for the chance:) sharyn.

SarahT said...

What a cutie! Would love to win the pack. Thanks SARAH @SarahT 100% Handmade.

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