Hello there !

 Are you interested in having a link on my blog to your shop ?

On average I have over 900 visitors here each day ~ one of them just might be your next customer .

I have the best crafty visitors ever so I would like to stick with craft related advertising .

How much you ask ?  $30.00 for a full month .

What do you get for that ?
You will have your beautiful logo on my sidebar for the month .
 I will promote your store on my growing facebook page that has 2800 followers.

What else ? I will tweet about you on twitter . Twitter @ClaresCraftroom

And ?
I will also pin your logo to my blog sponsors board on pinterest where I have over 52000 followers.

It all sounds exciting doesn't it !

Are you still interested ?

If you are and have any more questions please just email me at

Thanks so much , I hope to speak to you soon , Clare .

Also if you would just like a product reviewed with an honest report , let's talk .


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