Monday, June 29, 2015

my new home

Yes it's been a while but you are welcome to come
in and see my new home.
Although it is over 100 years old it is in great condition
and it is just perfect for me.

There are no new, modern doors in this house.

The crooked walls are the perfect place for
 displaying vintage pieces.

There are weird little nooks and ledges everywhere.

An orange tree is almost ready to be stripped of her fruit.

The kitchen is tiny but so very cozy.

The front gate welcomes me home with all its character.

It also appears that the cat is settling in too.

Love my new home and can't wait to show you more!

PS. I can't find my camera again so these are photos from my instagram
account. I will find my camera soon but in the meantime 
follow along on instagram for more photos of my dream home.

PPS Thanks for sticking around I know it's been a long time 
since I've posted here xxx