Sunday, February 24, 2013

little hearts and your big hearts

I was so lucky to be a guest poster on One Artsy Mama
where I shared this tutorial for little hearts .
Since then a few have asked if I could repost it here
so they could keep my tutorials altogether (how nice !)
Well here it is ~
These little hearts are so quick and easy to make in any size
and they have a little pocket for your love notes so
you can send messages any time you like .
They also might be cute for popping in your little ones
lunch box with a sweet note from Mum xxx
The ones here are only about 2" but you decide how big
you would like yours and trace your heart shape onto cardboard.
There are 3 pieces of fabric ~ front , back and pocket .
The pocket piece has the top edge pressed down before
sandwiching between between the front and back pieces.
Trace your heart shape on .
Stitch around leaving a gap for turning .
Cut out heart shape and clip and snip .
Turn right side out and stuff very lightly .
Neatly stitch the gap closed .
Pop a little note in the pocket .
These should take you 10 minutes to make tops .
So you can make a pile of them and everyone will know
you are just lovely !
As I don't do Valentines I give a donation each year
to the Heart Foundation and this makes my heart feel really good.
EDITED  Since this post was published on February 14 I have been contacted by
a few amazing blog readers who have said they don't do Valentines either
and are going to use my idea of making a donation to The Heart Foundation.
I am so humbled to think that my little blog could influence some
in this way and I am so touched .
Thank you very much x 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

now see here

One time my kids gave me a ball of wool .
Just one ball .
It is hard to make something special with just one ball .
They have since asked what is happening with that one ball ...
and I have said

now see here you kids 
I am busy ...

can't you see I haven't had any time
but can you see I do appreciate your lovely gift and
I love you both very , very much .

Thursday, February 14, 2013

hearts (what an original title today)

Happy Valentines Day !
It is not a huge thing in Australia and it isn't even
acknowledged in my house besides the family
knowing that I make my donation to The Heart Foundation
on this day each year .
In the U.S.A February 14 is ginormous!
So you can imagine just how happy I was when
Amy from One Artsy Mama used my heart tutorial on her blog .
Thanks so much Amy I love your happy blog
and I'm thrilled to be posting there .
Please pop over and see my hearts !

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

now that's ballsy

Most of you probably know I'm not much of a cook
but if I find something that I can make and they will eat
I'm telling you all about it !
Anyway my kids love those apricot pieces for school that
are really very expensive so yes ~ I made my own .
Easy peasy here goes ...
Mix together a packet of crushed butternut biscuits and
a tin of condensed milk and
a cup of coconut and
a cup of dried apricots all snipped into little pieces .
Roll into little balls and roll in  extra coconut .
Pop them in the fridge to set .
You can also freeze them but they will be found and eaten frozen .
This recipe makes 15870023 little balls .
Not really it just feels like that when you are rolling them .
It makes about 40 balls .
In other news have I told you I'm on Instagram ?
Please come and find me there .
Or facebook .
Or twitter @ClaresCraftroom

Friday, February 1, 2013

no flies on me

Hi there finally I'm back .
I did say I would be back earlier but you know
life , work , family blah blah blah .
Thanks for all the doll link ups , what fun !
I asked one of the kids to pick a number this morning
and number 2 was chosen so I will be sending Tammy
from Girls Wear Blue Too some dolly fabric .
Tammy would you please email me with your address .
Creative time has been very limited lately but
I did manage to make a fly swatter mobile , as you do.