Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Fabric is Art !

I came across these frames that I've had stashed in The Craftroom for quite some time .
Does that one sentence convey to to you the absolute mayhem in The Craftroom if I can just "come across" them and let's not start about the footstool and the rather large cutlery box that really need something done with , anyway .......
I had some beautiful fabric that I couldn't bear to cut (tragic I know) and thought I could frame it and then I could look at it anytime . I cleaned and painted the frames and put the fabric in and just secured it with a few stitches at the back . I replaced the glass to protect the fabric and this way if I do decide I want to sew it I can as it hasn't been stapled or cut . It also means I can change my work of arts anytime I want !
My little dog obviously approves too after a quick sniff , smart dog !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm just not pretty enough !

Do you remember this post ?
I told you how Handmade did a profile on me and didn't include my photo , well it's happened again ! 
Patchwork and Stitching did my profile for vol 10 no 9 and no photo ! Are they trying to tell me something ?
I've received a lot of positive feedback from these profiles and even a few enquiries from craft stores wanting to stock my patterns (be still my heart , yay!)
One email I received was a bit so-so as the writer started out saying how talented I was but since I was so lucky to have been given all these great opportunities maybe I should be taking my business and in particular my blog a little more seriously .
All I can say to this is , yes there is luck involved , lucky I can work hard !!
Now all of you stop smiling and having fun, crafting is serious stuff .
Edited to add that the magazine was in no way at fault leaving out my photo I was totally to blame for sending them a poor quality photo .

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm not heartless , I've just been busy !

I haven't just been swanning around buying ric rac , I actually did some sewing and used a small piece of my very limited supply .
We don't do Valentines in my house but because it was the season I wanted to make a heart using my very special Cath Kidson fabric that I won recently from Susie at I just love that Fabric .
It has a little pocket in the front that can be used for secreting love letters to my beloved or I'll just put the cushion on my chair and hide lollies from the kids in it , much better idea !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love ric rac !

Of course I love Jodie's blog Ric Rac but I also love fabric ric rac .
 I collect it as if my life depends on it and I have lots !
 What was I supposed to do when my local craft store is closing down and had ric rac half price ....
As you can see I bought a little bit after I dropped the kids at school today . I wasn't expecting to stop anywhere on the way home so I didn't have much money but I foraged around the bottom of my bag and all through the car scratching up what coins I could find .
 My heart had little flutters when the owner gave me the ends of the roll 'cause it wasn't worth measuring .
This is what I bought to add to my supply I already have .
I have more than enough now , I have plenty , I don't need anymore .
I'm going back tomorrow .

Friday, February 5, 2010

Buttons !

Handmade magazine published my Button Bookmarks in the Quick Weekend Crafts issue out soon .
I hope they send my project back to me soon , I might need some of those buttons !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Sweetie !

My daughter and her friends wanted to do something crafty on the weekend .
I gave them ribbon and fabric scraps and a bit of stuffing and we made lollies !
It was great , silly fun and best of all no mess !