Friday, January 25, 2013

playing with dolls

Hello how are you ?
Are you here to play dolls ?
This is just a one off link up to show off your dolls .
It may be a doll collection , a doll you've made or a doll you'd like to make.
Your doll , one of your kids dolls or even a doll that you really hate .
Dolls clothes or furniture anything to do with dolls !
Add the link to your doll post here and try very hard to see some
other dolls on other blogs and stop and say hi if you can .
Tell us a bit about your doll and tell your friends you are playing dolls here .
My doll pictured above named Clare Sarah was my very first doll
and she is the one thing (after the kids ) that I would be
getting if the house was on fire .
Poor old Clare Sarah has been well and truly loved but
if any of my family spot this post they will be shuddering
at creepy Clare Sarah .
The linky thingy will stay until Sunday evening and then
I will randomly select a winner of the doll fabric .
You must link your post to be in the running to win the fabric .
See ! Even big girls can have fun playing with dolls !
PS I adore , really adore this doll so go easy on her .

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

well hello dolly

Hello there !
I've been thinking about a little giveaway but was also
thinking I'd like to turn it into a bit of a game .
What I was thinking was I'd put a linky thing on here
and get you to do a post about your doll .
It could be your first doll , your last doll , your favourite doll
your daughters favourite doll .
It could be a doll you made or a doll you really hate.
It could be a doll in a toy shop or a doll you always wanted.
It could be about a doll collection or a doll maker .
Anything about dolls .
What do you think ?
I can't do this without you as I don't want to put
a linky on here and have no one link up I would just look daggy !
Would you play ?
Would you help spread the word ?
I'm thinking I'll put the post up on Friday night and leave
it up over the weekend and use a generator to pick a winner
of the fabric on Sunday night .
Thoughts please would be much appreciated xxx

Sunday, January 20, 2013

come and sit awhile

Come in and sit and I'll tell you a little story about a very sad chair.
This is the chair that sits by the phone in a doorway.
This is the chair that everyone sits on when they are on the phone .
This is the chair that everyone sits on to have a quick chat
when they aren't staying for long .
This is the chair that everyone puts their phone , wallet or hat on
while they quickly duck into the bathroom .
This is also the chair that people put their phone , wallet , hat , schoolbag
and lots of other things on so they don't forget their things
on their way out .
This is the chair that people sit on when they are really grubby.
This the chair now .
This is chair that will be admired .
This is the chair that will never be taken for granted again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

liking tarts

Hello and good morning !
Do you like a good tart ?
I found a really easy recipe for pecan tart and tried it
and it was so successful I thought I would share it with you .
If I'm going to get fat you may as well too .
The recipe I found had you making the shells
pfffft that's what supermarkets are for ,
 I bought premade pastry shells and used 16 little ones .
Heat the oven at 180c.
Put your premade shells on a baking tray .
Arrange some pecans on the bottom of the shells.
In a jug whisk together
1/2 cup maple syrup,2 eggs , 1/4 cup brown sugar,
20g melted butter , 1tbsp plain flour and 1tsp mixed spice.
Pour mixture over pecans .
Bake for about 20mins.
Let them cool (they set a little more when they cool)
Dust with some icing sugar and serve with icecream or cream .
Or leave them sitting on the bench to cool and they just disappear .
I love recipes that are so easy but make it seem like you worked hard.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

g'day hoo roo

Say g'day to Hoo Roo !
The pattern for HooRoo has finally made it into my bigcartel shop .
Hop over and check her out if you like .
Have a great weekend !
Wholesale enquiries are welcome .
If your local doesn't stock my patterns just say
" excuse me please could we have Clare's Craftroom patterns here "

Thursday, January 10, 2013

postcard swap update

Hi again , back already .
I sent out the emails with the partner allocations for
the postcard swap this morning please let me know
if you have any problems .
I had a couple of nice photos of postcards to post here
but booger in all it's wisdom has decided I must use
Picasa to upload my own photos and I really think
this is a horrible way to do things !
Do you know how this all works ?
I'm just wondering about private blogs.
There are blogs about that are only for invited readers
so I'm assuming these blogs first have to upload to Picasa which
then takes away any privacy for them then .
I like being able to load a photo straight from my computer
so I'm really not impressed with this .
I'm really interested in your thoughts on this
am I over reacting and should just get used  to it ?
or just suck it up princess ?
I'm off to do some gardening that will cheer me up xxx

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

prepare. act .survive.

Australia is a beautiful land of great extremes .
This year there are fires and heat wave conditions.
Last year we had floods .
Do you know what to do in emergency ?
You would be very surprised at how little people do know.
I'm no expert but I know those who are .
Please for the sake of your families read this plan
from the N.S.W. Fire Brigade and N.S.W Rural Fire Service.
If you are prepared you stay safe and help those who
help us stay safe too .
We have had very dodgy internet with all the heat but
I should be able to send partner allocations for the postcard swap tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

kicking off the year with an easy swap

Hello there and welcome to 2013 !
Are you staying home or traveling ?
Did you manage to get any time off ?
I mentioned on facebook about a postcard swap and
got a great response .
This will be the easiest swap ever !
All you need to do is let me know here if you would like to play.
Send me an email with your address.
Pick up a postcard from your home town or somewhere
you are on holiday .
Write a few chatty words on the postcard , whack on a stamp
and post it to the partner that I pair you with .
It will take you a few minutes and a couple of dollars , that's it !
What do you think ?
As it is minimal cost it would be nice to have bloggers
from all over the world playing !
I'll give you a week to sign up and then I will let you
know who your partners are .
You then must post your postcard within the week .
Tell your friends , the more the merrier !