Thursday, May 31, 2012

dark clouds




all just a storm in a teacup !

How are things with you ?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

no I'm not cross at you

Really I'm not .
I was just going to pop a post up to explain my absence
but a post without a photo is even more dull than my
my blog at the moment .

So because I was going to tell you I wasn't cross I thought
I'd show you some of my very old cross stitches .
I haven't done any for so long and I really use to enjoy doing them .

I don't think my eyes or my patience could manage it anymore .

Are there things that you were very enthusiastic about but aren't any more ?

Anyway now you know I'm still around .

My daughter who has been home sick for two weeks goes
back to school tomorrow and I'm finalising a few things here .
As always family need to come first .

I'd love to have some more recent crafty stuff to show you
but it's either secret or non - existent .

Thanks for sticking around .

I appreciate it .

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

no sneezing please

My crochet laundry curtains had to go .

We now have a toilet in our laundry and when visitors
used this toilet they got a little freaked out that
there was no proper curtain in there .

Outside the laundry there is only a paddock so
maybe they thought the roos might watch them .

So I stitched together a whole lot of old hankies
for my new curtain .

I love this curtain too but if anyone blows their nose on this
 they are in big trouble !

Friday, May 18, 2012

by george , my new man is just tops !

Yes I have a new man .....

and he really is just tops !

I've had a sick child home all week and I am going a bit crazy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

another mothers day post

Happy Mother's Day everyone !

My kids bought me an odd set of cup and plates from Vinnies
and a ball of wool in my mothers favourite colour , just perfect !

My brothers and sisters and all our kids have a cup of tea at
11.00 am on mothers day in honour of our mum and nan .
Although we are not in the same room we all are together in spirit.
We are spread out all over Australia and New Zealand
and there are lots of us .

This is our second time doing this and although it has
a tinge of sadness it brings us all together
and I know that my mum would have loved that.

So yes I am always a little sad on days like this but
so very grateful for my family .

Enjoy your day !

Love you mum always xxxx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

and yet

still working on this .....

can't wait to be working on this.....

really should be working more on this......

and yet I spend a lot of time looking at things like this .

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sometimes life gets a bit blah ,

sometimes it feels like it's all the same

sometimes it feels like some things are too hard

and then I see in all that normal life the really , really special stuff

 I just need to remember where it is .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

insert pin here

I'm hosting a pincushion swap on my facebook page !
Very remiss of me not to let you know here in case you wanted to be in it too.
The only thing is you must be a facebooker.

I won't be swapping this pincushion of mine , I really do need a big one as
I tend to just throw my pins in the general direction and hope some
land in the right place . 

Even if you can't join in on facebook you may need a new pincushion anyway.
Here is the link to lots of tutorials on Tipjunkie if you need some inspiration . 

Thanks for visiting , nice to see you !

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

blatent beg for votes

Yesterday was the close of entries for the Feather Your Nest
competition over at Stumble and Stitches .

So of course when did I get my entry in , late yesterday.

As always I was running late and had so much trouble
getting a half decent photo of my new laundry curtain .
I think I took at least a 100 photos and in the end
I submitted one after I hassled everyone in the house
to help me choose.

There are 73 entries and they are just fantastic !
There are judges and prizes and everything .

If you have a sec and you'd like to vote for my entry
I'd really appreciate it . Really .

You can find all the details here .

Thanks so much .