Friday, January 29, 2010

Just checking, nope , still not a quilter !

Abbe from Copper Patch asked if some bloggers could give her a hand putting together a quilt for a friend of hers that isn't feeling well . All instructions were given for a simple block all that was asked was that our blocks be in purple colours .  Abbe didn't stop there she also posted a very clear step by step tutorial .
Cam from Curlypops had a bit of a chuckle at her blocks because she thought that weren't spot on , but honestly is there anything that Cam can't do ? Wait until poor Abbe sees my blocks she may want to make  them up into a bag to put the beautiful quilt in as otherwise if my blocks were included it may be a very wonky quilt !

All these lovely pink fabrics are being used in my new softie , aaahh now I'm in my comfort zone .
You will never , ever guess what my new softie is going to be mmmm obviously not another frog !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Organised Scatterbrain

After I'd already made a big mess making cards in the Craftroom I thought I'd make a bit more .
I'll be so organised this year and get a bit of a headstart on the Mother's Day stall for the primary school .
I wrapped and decorated packets of Dove soap and thought I'd package them with pretty face washers .
I mentioned this to my daughter who gave me the best eye roll I've ever seen and reminded me she doesn't go to primary school anymore she's starting high school next week !
Now before you think I'm a terrible mother and forgotten she's starting high school , I hadn't forgotten but it just never occured to me after doing the Mother's Day stall for so many years that I wouldn't be doing it this year . I have no children in primary school anymore , bit sad really .

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage Finish

I bought a gorgeous vintage sheet from Vinnies over a year ago specially to cover some daggy lounge cushions and then I couldn't cut the fabric . It was so worn and smooth and just so beautiful I hung it over the back of my loungeroom chair so I could look at it all the time . I don't make a lot of things for myself and things I do make are often for magazine projects so I can't show them straight away . As part of the One Project a Month challenge I'm going to try and make things for my home . I finally cut just enough out of the sheet to make this cushion cover and the rest is on the back of my chair . The photo doesn't do this fabric justice it looks a bit brown here yuk ! it really is a gold and sunny yellow and it makes me happy !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say cheese !

Rachel the editor from Handmade asked me a while ago if I would be interested in being profiled in Handmade in their Inspirations section . Would I what !
Great she said if I could just send in a photo she would organise everything .
 A photo of what ? Not me ? Yes Clare we need your photo .
Well I'm not big on photos of myself , not because I've got three heads or anything but I just don't like it !
The kids thought it was hilarious and gave me all sorts of suggestions like send in a younger photo of myself or send in a photo of someone else !! My son thought no one would notice if I look an awful lot like Miranda Kerr . The time came when I had to do something so I put some lippy on (it's a wonder it wasn't all dried up as I don't remember last time I wore any ) and combed my hair and handed the camera to my son , do it !
We went into the backyard and my son was very professional and took a heap of photos laughing the whole time and assuring me it wasn't going to hurt . He then showed me beautiful photos of my ear , my feet , the side of the house and a little bird that he had spied , no wonder he couldn't stop laughing the grub !
Finally a photo was taken and sent into Handmade . It has been a bit of a joke in my house that Mum looked like a roo caught in the headlights and they couldn't wait to see my photo in the magazine .
The magazine arrived and everyone awaited the big reveal , ta da ! No photo ! Great article though she says with a big sigh of relief .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm just a stripper .

Some of you were a little surprised I don't quilt and now you can see some more of my strip blocks you now know why I don't quilt ! Yes they are pretty terrible but I really wanted to get something done with all my scraps . This is also a very productive way of stalling when I should be doing other things . I have a new softie to be released soon and I'm almost at the point where I need to start the pattern writing and the longer I can put that off the better .
 The Cath Kidson fabric in the photo below is what I won from Susie at I love that fabric and it will not be getting cut up for my blanket , thanks Susie .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Warning ! This post may disturb some quilters .

This is possibly a bit scary for some as I am not a quilter and I won't pretend to be one but I'm trying string piecing , yes me !
I can see this may become a bit of a problem as I've had so much fun making these and you can use teeny , tiny scraps too !
I know I have probably broken every quilting rule with these "blocks" but who cares ?
Don't worry real quilters, if this turns outs bigger than a placemat I'll call it a blanket , lol !