Friday, December 30, 2011

a little gift for you (I hope)

Hi all did you have a nice Christmas?

I am slowly getting back to work , slowly , slowly.

Over the holidays I have been trying to work out
how to do PDFs as in the new year I am
hoping to offer some new patterns as PDFs as well as paper.

So you are probably wondering why I have a photo
of the crosswords in the paper here.

I love crosswords and wordgames and thought you
may like a crossword too .

I designed a crafty crossword in PDF for you to print out.

It is all craft related so if you would like to print out
extras for your craft group , go for it !

It does have a couple of swear words in the puzzle
so if you can't handle swearing don't download it .

This is my very first attempt at a PDF ~ I hope it works!

I'd love for you to let me know if you download it
and also what you think.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

this time last year

This time last year my family gathered together
and said goodbye to our Mum .

It feels like so long ago.

It feels like yesterday.

We have all missed her every day since.

Love you Mum xxx

Thursday, December 22, 2011

a big ho

Told you there was a big ho here .

Wishing all my readers a fantastic Christmas
please, please travel safely .

I will be back here after Christmas but
then in the New Year I will tell you all
my exciting plans for 2012 weeeeee!

This year has been a great one for my little business
and yes it has been a lot of hard work
but I think I have been given heaps of help
from you and others in the webby world .
Thanks so very much .

If you are looking for me you can find me
most days on facebook come on over
the Christmas tree is up and the kettle's on .


Friday, December 16, 2011

the point is

Hello there !
I've been making poinsettia brooches and thought
if you had a spare few minutes you might like
to make some too .

First I made a template from cardboard in a sort of
poinsettia petal shape .
Mine is about 1" along the base tapering to the top
and about 3" high .
Trace 6 petals on doubled Christmasy fabric .
Stitch around the sides leaving the base open
for turning through .
Cut around the petal with pinking shears
and trim the point .
Turn right side out and press .

Use a double thread and tacking stitch to join the petals.
Pull the thread to gather the petals into a flower shape.

Use little , teeny stitches to stitch the flower securely .

Add some pretty matching buttons to the centre .

I can hardly call this a tutorial (but I will anyway) these are so easy !

These can be used as brooches , gift toppers or Christmas
 decorations maybe you'd like to wear one in your hair!

I hope you get a chance to make some of these .

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick coasters

Tick tock Christmas is coming quickly .

I have heaps of quick Christmas ideas if you're interested.
Yes by quick I mean really lazy and hardly any effort.

To get some pretty coasters to match your Christmas
theme just use a gluestick to glue some wrapping
paper to small paper doilies .

Easy enough for the kids to help with and when
they're finished with they can just go
into the recyle bin .

Not the kids the coasters.

Friday, December 9, 2011

be seated

I've been having a bit of a fiddle with place settings
for my family Christmas dinner .

I finally got myself organised and did teeny tiny
stitches on my dyed doily rounds and turned
them all into a very festive runner .

So , so lucky my oilcloth and doily runner
match my button tree .

I am a hopeless cook so it's just as well
the table will look beautiful as it might distract them .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's all about the money

Every Christmas a chocolate coin is placed under
every plate at the dinner table .

My kids don't think it's "just like magic " anymore
but it really isn't the same Christmas unless I do it .

Last Christmas was a very traumatic one and I was
so distracted I didn't manage to get any coins .
The week or so before Christmas day I had
so many people hunting all the shops for me and
I was even ringing nearby towns looking for them .

This year it's going to be different .
I have so many gold coins they can all eat the
chocolate and maybe I won't have to cook !

Do you have your own little traditions?
Please tell about them , I love hearing nice stories.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

on the...

first day of Christmas

my true love sent to me

lots and lots of buttons

so I made a tree .

Monday, November 28, 2011

oh baby

I've been hoarding a stack of baby food jars and
considering my kids are teenagers it seems
I really like to hoard stuff .

In one of the bargain shops the other day I found
battery operated tea lights .

This was very exciting for me because I hate
real candles with a passion .
I can't stand the waxy smell and instead
of relaxing with candles they make me tense waiting
for them to burn my house down .

Anyway blah blah blah I decided to finally
use some of the baby food jars .

I just used some coloured string wrapped around ,
turned on the little lights and popped them in the jars.

I wish you could see these in the dark they look so pretty .

You'll have to take my word for it as the photos don't
do them justice , they are so beautiful
 all twinkling away and
safe too.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi everyone from Squiddley !

The winners for the pattern and 3 fat 1/4s is .....
Sally and Posie Patchwork .

The winner for the o/s pattern is ...
Indigo Blue .

Thanks to everyone for entering and could those ladies
please contact me with addresses .

If you are really , really disappointed in not winning
cheer up , the pattern is now in my shop !

Thursday, November 24, 2011

fabric and pattern giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Squiddley the very cute alien
at Australian Quilt Market I have decided to have a
fabric and pattern giveaway !

This has nothing to do with me becoming a very slack blogger
and needing feedback on my new design , really it doesn't .

Well yes it does but that's ok .

Unfortunately there is a little catch , sorry
but it would cost me a million dollars to post the fabric
and the pattern overseas so I am going to say
only open to Australian bloggers .

I will have one pattern on it's own for overseas visitors.

So if you are an Aussie and would like 3 fat 1/4s and
a pattern for Squiddley please leave a comment on this post.

If you are a guest from overseas please leave a comment
and just let me know you are far , far away ...

There are two fabric and pattern packs , yay !

Squiddley would make a fantastic Christmas
pressie for a little boy because it's really hard
to find stuff to make for them .

I need to be able to contact you if you win so
please make sure you are reachable.

I will draw the winners on Sunday but if you don't win
you will then be able to find the
 Squiddley pattern in my shop.  

Thanks to F.D Textiles for the great fabric !

P.S. You'd make so happy if you blogged about my new
pattern I'd give you an extra entry !

Monday, November 21, 2011

off to the trade show

Squiddley has left for the Melbourne Trade Show.

I thought he might be lonely so I made him a few brothers .

They were all hanging around as I packed patterns .

There was lots of giggling and mucking about
because they are very naughty monsters.

They waved goodbye
and happily jumped in the box with the patterns
and headed off to Kathryn at F.D. Textiles.

Kathryn is taking them to The Trade Show in Melbourne
this week and they will get to hang out with
gorgeous fabric from Saffron Craig

If you are going to the Show pop over to
F.D. Textiles on stand 55
 and see if they are behaving .

Maybe you'd even like them in your shop !

Friday, November 18, 2011

wrapping myself in love this Christmas

This year has been a difficult one and as Christmas
draws closer as I have been thinking more and more
about my dear Mum .

I have been hanging on to some of her nighties that she
gave me last year as she wanted
 the sleeves shortened on them.

I never did get to do them for her.

So I have decided to cut them up and make myself
a small quilt out of them as a Christmas present from her.

Yes some of the squares that I have cut
 have tea stains on them.

No I will not be trying to get these small stains out.
Mum will understand xxx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what ! more bunting !

I was so pleased to be asked by Kerryanne to
be a part of Simply Christmas again this year .
There is just much going on over at her blog
This is a tutorial that I had over there
and I thought you may like to make some bunting too .

I was lucky enough to find some Christmas tablecloths
in my local op shop but you could sort through
your stash and use up leftover Christmas fabric
to make multi coloured bunting .

I first made a template from cardboard 7" sides x 7.5" top.

Trace around the template on doubled fabric.
Cut out on the lines.

Stitch around the sides using 1/4"
seam allowance leaving the top open.
Trim the pointy bit.

Turn your flag right side out and trim the little
triangles that poke out.
Use a blunt skewer and push the base of your
flag to make your point nice and sharp.

Press all your finished flags.

Make yourself  some binding in a contrasting colour.

The length is determined by how many flags
you would like to make or where
you are going to hang your gorgeous bunting.
I made my binding about 3m long.

For this bunting I cut strips of white fabric about 2.5 " .
Press them in half .
Open them out and fold over and then press the edges
into the centre , press again .

Pin your flags with the open tops inside the binding.
Leave about 60cm at end end for hanging your bunting.
Stitch along the whole length .

Hang your beautiful bunting and enjoy !

Wishing you all a simply beautiful Christmas.

Yes I know I have turned into the slackest blogger
ever in the whole history of blogging .
I'll try and get my act together very soon .

Thursday, November 10, 2011

bye bye bunting

My baby girl is turning 14 this week .

We are having a family tea outside on the verandah
and I am going to decorate it with paper doily bunting.

Not too young , not too old , just lovely !

In the olden days when I was in primary school
we use to make these to decorate the classroom .

Paper doily bunting is great for any occasion
birthday , Christmas and markets .

Bunting and doilies = a perfect mix !

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

simply christmas

Do you want to be really , really organised this Christmas?
If you think you may need a little help hop over
to Kerryannes blog Shabby Art Boutique .

Kerryanne has lists to get you organised and
lots of home cooking and fantastic giveaways.

There are also going to be really simple tutorials including
one from myself today so you know it will be simple !

While you're there check out Kerryannes ebook
The Creative Mumpreneur

Seeya there !

Saturday, November 5, 2011

my place and yours

I'm joining Vic and all the others in My Place and Yours.

Now that I'm really old I'm not that interested in clothes.

If anyone gave me free rein to go anywhere clothes shopping
I would always still end up in Vinnies. 
Racks and racks of all the same clothes that are in the
trendy shops just bore me to tears .
Honestly I would rather poke sticks in my eyes
than to have to try stuff on in those places.

All that being said as the photo above shows
I did have a little flick through my wedding dress collection
this morning looking for something to show you.
I have such a nice assortment just in case I get
married again one day .
I have no plans at all to leave my beautiful husband
but you just can't ever be too prepared .

I'm sorry I couldn't pick just one stunner to show you.
So it looks like I just have to sit this one out
but you can still play , I'm just too comfortable
in my pink crocs and grey trackies to move anywhere.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

my place and yours

I was a bit hesitant to join in with my place and yours 
this week as the meme is where I sleep .
I didn't want anyone to feel jealous seeing my
 beautiful and scarily tidy bedroom.

So I visited where Red Dog sleeps .
She gave me a wink and said "just go for it!"

I still wasn't quite sure so I wandered around the yard
and then I made my decision .

Yes I will show you the rest of my gorgeous bedroom .

But when I got there the old cat was asleep on
my unmade bed and I didn't want to disturb him .

I hate to disappoint you but the first photo
is not really my bedroom but I can dream .
Image from here.

Hop over to link up here if you'd like to play along .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

our creative space

My creative space is outside this week .
The weather has been gorgeous and I know
very soon it will be far too hot to go outside .
So I have been digging and mulching .

Visiting the gnomes,

waiting impatiently for strawberries

and adding a bit of bling to
The Horny Head as it is fondly known as here .

Are you playing our creative spaces ?