Tuesday, April 30, 2013

not just for vegos

I have been a vegetarian for many years as have most of
my brothers and sisters.
My little family all eat meat but love some vegetarian meals too.
I was making spinach cannelloni and thought you might like
to have an easy vego recipe on hand too .
It is not necessarily healthy with the cheese but it's very , very tasty .
You will need about 2 cups of  shredded spinach or
 a packet of frozen spinach defrosted .
Fresh lasagne sheets
light sour cream
cottage cheese
1 egg
grated cheese
 3 cups of pasta sauce (you can use a jar of premade sauce
but home made is just as quick and delicious.)
Pour boiling water over your shredded spinach to wilt it.
Drain and let it cool.
Add to the spinach 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup sour cream
1 beaten egg , minced garlic and a handful of grated cheese .
Mix it all up .
Pour 1/2 cup pasta sauce into a baking dish.
Take a lasagne sheet and put about 2tbsp of spinach mix
along one short end and roll it up .
Place it into the baking dish on top of the sauce .
Keep rolling the mix until base is covered .
Pour the rest of the pasta sauce over the top of the rolls .
Sprinkle some grated cheese over the whole dish .
Cover the dish with a lid or foil .
Bake about 40 mins at 180c .
As with most pasta dishes this is best made the day before eating.
Great in Summer with a salad or with steamed vegies in Winter.
Or just on it's own ....

Enjoy !

Friday, April 26, 2013

who wants a lolly ?

Who wants a lolly ?
Go to bed and kiss your dolly .

These colourful lollies are fun and easy to make
so the kids can really get into the party spirit .
All you need are some plastic balls , I got mine from Big W ,
some cellophane and some curling ribbon .

Wrap the cellophane around and twist the ends to
make them look like lollies .

If you wrap the same colour cellophane around the
 same colour balls it looks really good !

Hang them inside or out they look so happy .
Also if you use coloured balls instead of styrofoam balls
they make a great take home gift instead of
the usual lolly bags .

I love mine so much they're staying up for good .

Thursday, April 18, 2013

we have a winner

Yes that's right we do have a winner or two !
Hooray and congratulations to Sedef in Australia  
who receives the lovely book and gorgeous Cosmo threads.
From a land far , far away (well Canada anyway)
the winner is Sandra .
Would you both please contact me with your addresses to send your prizes to .
Thanks to everyone else for entering .

In other world news I am going to have a go at
If you visit Amy's and Carly's  blog you will find links where you can see
entries from previous years .
 I'd better get a move on if I want to have anything made to enter .
Thanks for popping in , see you soon xx
You can find the pattern for Perky Penguin here .

Saturday, April 13, 2013

chia ?

 This is not a sponsored post .
I'm sure you're wondering why the heck is she talking about chia.
You may already know about all this but I've only recently discovered chia.
I had heard that it was really good for you but I thought I'd do a little research .
I learned ~ from here
they are gluten free .
super high in dietary fibre.
eight times more omega 3 than salmon.
high in antioxidents (4 times higher than blueberries)
five times more calcium than milk.
seven times more vitamin C than oranges.
3 times more iron than spinach.
double the potassium content of bananas
They have no taste either so they don't spoil the flavour
of whatever else you have added it to .
I am NOT a health professional in any way shape or form
but if sprinkling 1 tablespoon of chia on my cereal is going
to give me all this I'm there !
As I said this is not a sponsored post although I do have a connection
with the supermarket that produces Macro foods but
they are not aware of this post and have not asked me to do it .
I'm just sharing some info because I'm nice like that .
The giveaway in the post below is still open go,go,go !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

celebrating 551 posts

Hi again !
I have a very busy week this week so I thought
I would announce the giveaway now before
I get lost again .
As I mentioned recently the book and threads and
a few other bits giveaway will only be open to Australian
followers as it is a heavy book and is chock full of great
stitches and information .
Because I think that sounds a bit mean I would really
like to thank my loyal friends from overseas too so
I thought (always thinking ) maybe they would like
one of my patterns , win win !
If you are from over the sea please just pop into
my big cartel shop here and select
a pattern and tell me you are from
far , far away but would still like to win that pattern .
Does this sound fair ?
If you wouldn't mind please tell your friends .
Even after 551 posts I still love having visitors , thanks .

Sunday, April 7, 2013

oh deer

Oh deer me !
Time has gotten away again .
I was going to have the tutorial ready for my little craft bag
but I spent the day yesterday going around to garage sales
which is where I found this gorgeous deer .
The older man who was selling it told me many times
it was a very special deer because it was Eyetalian.
Yes he really said Eyetalian with great emphasis on the Eyetalian.
I was very close to telling him don't really care where
it came from as long as it was going home with me .

Anyway with me being so cosmopolitan and continental
and buying exotic items from garage sales I didn't get your tutorial done.
I will get my act together this week .
Also this week I will be having the giveaway for the Cosmo threads
and a few other bits and pieces .
The giveaway will be for Aussies only and you must be a follower .
You'll have to excuse me now I'm off to find a spot for my Eyetalian deer .

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

soon to be a .....

Well hello there , how are you ?
I've been making myself a little bag to carry small bits of craft in .
Not earth shattering stuff but it makes me happy to
make something just for me .
Do you make things for yourself ?
I'm enjoying it and even though I know no one else
is ever going to look inside the lining or examine the stitching
I'm still trying to do it all properly because I know it will
drive me crazy if I know I haven't done it right .

If this little bag turns out I may just do a tutorial for it
if you are interested ?
There is also a small giveaway coming up that
may just have something to do with these gorgeous Cosmo threads .
Seeya soon , thanks for coming over .