Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Year !

To celebrate the occasion when you visit my bigcartel shop
and purchase any two patterns you will receive
29% off !
Offer ends midnight tonight AEDST.

Just enter the code word leap.

That'll make your heart leap !

Monday, February 27, 2012

stuff we like ~ gutermann glow thread

The stuff we like (or may not) this week is Gutermann Glow thread.

Yes a bit out there for some but I think this has the potential to be a bit of fun.

You could use these threads on tutus or fairy dresses for a bit
of a glow in the garden of an evening .

You could stitch motifs or random scrawls on t-shirts for blue light discos.

Just think of the potential for glowing outfits at Halloween .

Glowing Christmas angels sound so pretty too .

Gutermann Glowy 100m polyester .
Guaranteed up to 50 washes with diminishing glow .
The intensity of the glow is determined by the length of light exposure.

Available from your local craft store .

So what do you think ? Would you have use for these threads?

Do you have something you would like showcased ?

Have a great week !

Friday, February 24, 2012

more but smaller

According to my stats lately my blog is receiving lots and lots of visitors.

They have all been coming from other sites that have kindly directed them this
way for my tutorial for Fabric Carrots .

Either way I'm glad you're here .

If you've been making fabric carrots this is a great way to use your scraps .

Make little , teeny carrots !

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

excuse my mess

Cleaning , cleaning , cleaning.

Sorry for any flickering and jumbled posts
as I am just trying to get some housekeeping done on my blog.

If you can see any glitches that I am unaware of please let me know.

Is the font too big ? Can you read it all clearly ?

Anything I'm too flustered to know about ?

A brand new header will be coming soon , I hope .

Monday, February 20, 2012

stuff we like

Hello there !

Like many of you I spend a bit of time on the internet.
Often I'll find fantastic and sometimes a bit quirky
craft thingies and thought you might like to see some too.

What I'd like to do is

 ~ feature one item a week
~ it can be from anywhere in the world
~ it may or may not be useful
~ it will be something that will appeal to
my very creative readers.
~ it will not be a product bash 

Would you like to help ?

If you come across a product that is cute, funny,helpful,
quirky,silly, timesaving or just really pretty
let me know , I'd love to put it on here.

As I said it is not to criticise products but to share the finds
so of course I need all links to direct readers.

I showed the girls on facebook this gorgeous
 button chocolate mould
and they suggested it could also be used for
fimo buttons and can you just imagine
filling the moulds with hundreds and thousands
and resin to make fun buttons.

The chocolate mould can be found here

I have a few more things to show you but I'd
really love your input so please send me
some things that you love .

20/2/2012 Edited to add ~
I have had a couple of big companies offering
items to be reviewed , many thanks.
I think it is only fair that if I find your product
suitable and you are giving me one to try,
that an extra one is offered for my readers to win .
I think that's fair , thanks for your interest.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

hop to it

Just hopping in here very quickly to say hello
and to let you know I have a few
Funny Bunnies in my bigcartel shop .

I'm working on some Easter tutorials
so I hope you can hop back soon.

Have a great day !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

have a heart

It wouldn't matter how many pretty hearts I cut
out and hung around the place there
is still no way I'd ever get a Valentines gift.

We have just never celebrated Valentines and after
over 20 years eeeeekkkkk together
 I don't think we'll be starting now.

Instead we make a donation to The Heart Foundation .

This really makes my heart feel good .

Friday, February 10, 2012

just one more pin

I've been spending way too much time on pinterest.

I have built beautiful homes with gorgeous furniture,
crocheted a rainbow or two,
collected the most beautiful selection of vintage things. 
Created a recipe file that I'll never get through,
looked at things nostalgically
and then of course there is the craft .

So much craft I don't know where to begin .

This is a quick little project that I found
and the original tutorial can be found here.
For the life of me I couldn't link to this blog
but it is called Craft and Creativity.

 Craft and reading wins me every time.

Do you read ?
What sort of books do you like ?

If I'm not crafting or reading you'll probably
find me dreaming away at Pinterest.

Monday, February 6, 2012

yoo hoo

Funny how some things happen ...
I love watching Australian Story on the ABC
and a while back the program was about the woman
from Australia who trained the horses for the
movie that is out now ~ War Horses .

While I was in our town the other day I was chatting
with a lady I know that is very horsey about this program.
She was smirking at me as I was enthusing
about this wonderful horse trainer .
She then thanked me for speaking
so nicely about her sister !
Yes it really was her sister (lucky I was being nice )

 I came across a comment from Andrew
in the Where are you ? post.
He was not meaning to visit here , he landed here
via Google but stopped to say hello anyway from
near Brighton in England .
He also suggested I might be interested in this painting.
Andrew was right it is a beautiful work .

So anyway , yes , the Where Are You ? post
is still going and it's never too late to pop in there.
Have a read through the comments there
you never know what or who you may find .

Fingers crossed next post will be my new bag pattern , yay !

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm having a little laugh to myself as I imagine
when people see this title and photo they are
cringing and saying
"oh no what is she going to whinge about today "

I'm not here to whinge so ha ha !

 You remember a little while ago I did a
crafty crossword and a few people asked
for a find a word so I've done one .

If you missed the craft crossword you can download it here.

The find a word can be downloaded here.

As before , please feel free to share them around
and do extras for your craft/sewing groups .

I hope you are having a great week xx