Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just in the nick of time !

Sliding this one in for the Project a Month Challenge .

31st of March already ! A quarter of the way through the year , I'm sure we just had Christmas .

As promised, after the raging success with the Mean Bunny, I thought I'd have another giveaway .

So here you have my new stitchery pattern "Flutterby" If you would like my new pattern just leave a comment . If you really, really want a copy blog about it and let me know and I will give you two entries .

Of course you won't just receive the pattern you will get a few other fluttery goodies too !

I'll shake my random thingie on the weekend so you have plenty of time .

I'm off now to tell Kris at Tag a Long Teddies I've been a good girl !

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who gets the Mean Bunny ?

I know you've or been trembling with anticipation (or fear) to find out who is the lucky winner of the "Mean Bunny" .

After a huge amount of comments (13) mostly saying "no thanks I don't want your bunny " I, in all my wisdom, have decided that Kimba4 is the one most worthy of cherishing this wonderous creature .

Kimba4 did not notice the evil glint in his eye she thinks he is delightful and charming , well she didn't say that but she might have been thinking that . So lucky girl Kimba4 if you send me your details I will chuck the "Mean Bunny" into a letterbox so fast your head will spin .

Now onto other things - I have almost finished a new stitchery and I really need to hurry so I can count it in the Project a Month . So my next post will be a giveaway for the new pattern .

I haven't included a sneak peek cause I wanted to put up a photo of the "Mean Bunny" just to remind you what you're missing out on . Snicker , snicker !!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mothers Day Stall

Still working on Mothers Day stall things for school and coerced a couple of 11 year old girls to give a hand . These little peg magnets are quick and easy and the kids really do like to give a hand . Firstly use strong glue to stick magnets on one side of wooden pegs . If you can't manage to buy magnets cut up advertising ones that you get from pizza shops etc. Stick on the other side gift wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper . Decorate with buttons or other shapes cut from card .

The little note included in the photo is for my mum . Mum doesn't read my blog in fact I don't think she knows what one is but I love her very much anyway .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Mean Lookin' Bunny Giveaway

There seems to be of a theme running through my posts lately , noisy kids , smelly mice and now The Mean Lookin' Bunny .

Now how sad is this , I came across this bunny in the local Vinnies and I didn't really like it (well maybe a bit) and I sure don't have room for it but I thought to myself "Maybe a blogger would like it !" Poor me with no friends to give my junk to .

So this is a special Easter treat for my blogging friends . Yes you may have this little bunny , he does have a small crack along his egg and he does have mean eyes like he just might nick off with your kids chocolate eggs at Easter . He's all yours if you just leave a comment I will pick a number and send him straight to your house . So go on , hop off and enter .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eek mouse!

I have become the woman that stands on a chair at the hint of a mouse or in other words I have become my mother !

The dry weather has seen an increase in the dirty rotten things and I am becoming a bit obsessed with them .

These little fabric ones that I'm making for the Mothers Day stall at school are the only ones I want to see in my kitchen and even these are starting to creep me out a bit .

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The best laid plans !

Ah the ideas I had .... no school , no work , no sport ! A quiet weekend - a stitch here , a stitch there , maybe even a little reading . I had even toyed with the idea of giving my Janome a service and whipping up a few small items .

A picnic lunch for the family I thought and so my teenage son walked into town to get some fresh bread .

Just look at what he brought back home !!!! Seven more teenage boys !

There's always next weekend I suppose !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Christys New Best Friend

Look who I found , Toby! This photo is from Christys blog isn't it great!

Toby is one of my Kennedy Kids range of softies and he was published in Handmade magazine last year .Christy from http://sweettidings.blogspot.com/ made him using fabulous fabrics and posted him on her blog . It really is a thrill to see my designs made up especially by someone as talented as Christy .

I have been so lucky to receive two awards this week and I always like to acknowledge them and pass them on . The sisterhood award was given to me by Pamela http://come-wot-may.blogspot.com/ and the Top Ten Faves was from Clare http://clarescrafts.blogspot.com/

Thankyou to both ladies .

I would like to pass both these awards onto some very kind and generous bloggers -

These bloggers now just need to pass on their awards to other worthy bloggers .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

paper bag swap

Most of you will know I'm a member of the Handmade Craft Forum where lots of chatting , swapping , sewing and crafting goes on .Recently we had a "paper bag swap " all this meant was we sent a paper bag full of various crafty bits to our swap partners eg. fat quarters , ribbons , buttons etc . We then were able to make whatever we liked from the bag and then sent it back to our partner . I was so lucky to be partnered with Sandy (no blog) as from all the various bits she put together this lovely stitchery . It is so nice when you can see how much effort and friendship goes into the work . Thankyou again Sandy .

Friday, March 6, 2009

Easter Egg Tree

Gee I'm sorry did you think I meant a chocolate egg tree , oops ! No it's a fabric egg tree and very easy too . These little treasures can also be used for gift tags .
All you need to do is raid your scraps and cut out a heap of egg shapes . Either fuse or stitch them together and hang off a branch in a pretty bottle by ribbon that has been stitched on .The fabric doesn't has to match both sides and as an extra touch stitch on a pretty button .
Now as a reward for using up more scraps treat yourself to a chocolate egg .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An award on my birthday !

A while back I came across a blog called , wait for it - Clare's Crafts ! I had to check it out and found a blog full of lovely cards and bits and pieces . Clare and I follow each others blog and keep in contact . Clare gave me this great award that I need to pass it onto 10 other blogs . Unfortunately it won't be today cause it's my birthday! Thankyou for this award Clare .http://clarescrafts.blogspot.com/

Don't bother about trying to count the candles as this was my futile attempt to shove 47 candles into one of the kids school recess muffins . I should have made the muffins MUCH bigger .