Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Along similar lines

Do you remember how I was making
 lots of headbands for a local shop ?
This little sideline has grown a bit .
I have been busy making stuff and didn't really
want to confuse it with my other craft adventures .
So I decided to design some new cards to go with my stock .
I wanted them to be me but not really Clare's Craftroom
as I wanted to keep production line work separate .

I still wanted my house logo that is
 on my usual business cards .

But just a little different .

Who you ask is Mabel?

Mabel is my dear old sewing machine .
This all makes perfect sense to me !
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

Another family treasure .
This weight was the doorstopper in the family
home when I was a kid .
It is now the doorstopper in my home .
I see my kids and husband casually slide it aside
with their foot and it takes me back
as I remember myself and my brothers and sisters
sliding it away years ago in exactly the same way .
Such a simple action brings back lovely memories .

I'd love to see your treasures but I
 am away at the moment
so I might be able to visit but not leave a comment .
I have very cleverly scheduled this post to
pop up on Tuesday .
I hope I have anyway , am I here ?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I only pinch the really good ideas !

Did you know my Toby post was a giveaway post?
I think it also may have been my 250th post too .
I stole this idea from Jodie at Ric Rac
about letting you know afterward
because I really appreciate my regular readers
and thought I'd give away a pattern to someone
who commented on my Toby post just because they're nice !

So who gets a copy of Toby?

Thanks for the response to Toby it was amazing .
Lots of orders for him has kept me
 off the streets this week .

PS . I did ask permission from Jodie to use this idea
'cause that's what polite bloggers just do .
Thanks Jodie . and hugs to Baxter .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking for a friend .

Here I am , I am Toby , Toby I am .

I have been gone for a long time while
Clare gave me a makeover .

I have been gone so long Chris the Crocodile and
Frances Frog forgot about me .
They play a bit too rough .
All my stitches are still new .

I asked the pretty cat to be my friend but she said 
she was too busy .


I asked a very friendly , quiet dog to be my friend .
He said yes !
He also said he would share his food with me .
I am such a lucky dog .

Overseas visitors may not know of
The Dog on the Tuckerbox .
The Dog is very famous here in Australia .
It just so happens to be in my town so
of course I took advantage of him .

The pattern for Toby is in my shop , finally !

Thankyou to those who knew I would finish one day
and preordered the pattern .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

I consider my scrapbooks treasures .
I have only done a few and really must do some more .
If ever there was a fire I would be grabbing these .
The kids school photos need to be done as
the plan was to do a page for each year so
when they are older their whole school life is in one album .
I have done pre school and play group pages but no school ones .
10 and 8 years of school means a lot of photos .
Maybe I should get a move on doing them
before they finish school .

Can't wait to see your treasures !

Monday, September 20, 2010

At my house

At my house today it is quiet .
My son left yesterday for a 15 day school trip
to the outback .
I have the day off today so I am going to
clean his room from top to bottom .
I might even find his football .
I think it's fairly normal at 5.30 am
as you're leaving for the trip of a lifetime
to climb up on sheds looking for your football .

Well it's a pretty normal thing to do at my house .
See houses more normal than mine at Lou Lous .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Toys to Sew winners and a guessing competition .

I know I said I would draw the winners on Sunday night
but I was up with the sparrows this morning and
I think I am going to fall into bed very early tonight which
means I would forget about drawing the winners .

We have winners oh yes we do !
Thanks to everyone for entering.
 I am so happy to be able
to send the paperback copy of Toys to Sew to Trash .
The hardcover copy goes to Tania .
Would you both please email me with your details .

For those who missed out what about a
little guessing competition ?
Guess what my new softie is that is being
 made in the fabric in the photo .
I am fairly confident you won't
guess but in case you do
I'd better have a prize for you .
I will give the correct guesser the
 very first copy of the pattern .
This pattern is due for release in mid October .
But wait there's more ....
Toby will be here on Wednesday , phew !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toys to Sew , craft book giveaway .

Would you like to make some toys ?
This book has 25 for you to make .
There are two copies to be won .
One hardcover copy for Australian bloggers.
One paperback copy for Overseas bloggers .
Exactly the same book but the paperback
will be a little cheaper to post overseas .
If you would like a chance to win
please just leave a comment on this post .
If you wouldn't mind just adding an OS at the end
of your comment if you are not in Aus it will
just make it a little easier for me .
That's it , so easy !
All welcome .
I'll draw the winners Sunday night Australian time
or maybe I'll get Toby to pick the winner .

This giveaway is now closed .
Thankyou for your interest.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

My treasure for this happy Tuesday is this drawing my
son did for me almost 9 years ago .
He was so proud when I loved it so much that I framed it .
In fact I loved it so much I turned it into a stitchery
and he watched and sometimes helped .

My little artist is now almost 15 and is a healthy , responsible young man .
He is leaving this weekend for a school trip for 15 days
and although the house is going
to be so much quieter
I am going to miss him very, very much .

Add your link , leave a comment and play along !

Monday, September 13, 2010

At my house

At my house today I am a little flustered .
There is too much going on around here 
and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment .

I see this view
 each time I park my car at home
and as I have teenagers there is a lot of driving in and out .
It was good to take the time this
morning to take this photo,
sometimes I just need to slow down
 a bit and enjoy the view .

See how others cope at their houses over at Lou Lous .

Edited to add - Just reread this and thought it sounds like
a big whinge , it's not meant to be .
I'm busy with lots of great stuff , life is good
and I'm extremely grateful .

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello Toby here .
Clare said to say she has almost finished pattern writing .
I have been almost ready for some time now .
You can't see but while my legs are crossed
I am tapping my foot impatiently .
Almost , my Aunt Fanny !

Clare did say that while we are waiting
we can have another book giveaway .

I want a pattern giveaway so that you can make me .
I'm a bit tired of being almost ready .

Clare said she will have a softie craft
 book giveaway very soon .

What about me ?

Am I ever going to be a real softie or am I just
an almost ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking for some craft ?


I've looked in here

and in here

and here too

I can't find any craft happening here at all .

Maybe if I had a little more of this

and a little less of this

 I'd get a bit more done !
Nothing too serious my daughter dislocated her knee
and got to ride in one of these .
I'll bet they find me to give me the bill !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

In honour of Father's Day on Sunday my
treasure this week is one of my dads shirts .
My dad was a hardworking man but when we
saw him in this shirt we knew he was all ours for a bit .
All of my family remember the lovely hikes to the local
beach with dad who was often wearing this shirt .
We would spend hours looking in rockpools and just
hanging out together .
When my dad died I was obviously very upset
and slept with this shirt for many years .
It now lives in my linen cupboard and
is the only nice part of having having to change
sheets as every time I go to the cupboard
I see this shirt and smile .

All welcome to join in and show your treasures !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sew Darn Cute Winner !

Hi everyone , yes we have a winner of Sew Darn Cute .
Sally would you please email me with your details .

There will be a pattern giveaway next week .

I like a post to have at least one photo 
so I decided to put this one in . 
My stitchery pattern for Flutterby was published in the 
latest Patchwork and Stitching .
Just thought I'd tell you that !

See you tomorrow for Tuesday Treasures , be good !

Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Craft Book Giveaway

Well for a while anyway .
This book is Sew Darn Cute !
Full of lots of cute ideas and fun , easy projects .
Would you like a copy ?
Simple , just leave a comment on this post .
Giveaway is open to all .
I'll draw the winner early next week .
Good Luck !

This giveaway is now closed , thankyou
for your interest .
Pattern giveaway next week !

The Great Apron Swap

I had to pay Teresa Green Supermodel a lot of money to come
out of retirement for another photo shoot .
Here is Teresa modeling the apron I made for Duchess
in the craft forum apron swap .
She wasn't as cooperative when it came to modelling
the beautiful aprons that Duchess made for me .
Models can get a bit snooty I think !

Thankyou Duchess for being such a generous swapper .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shaggy Flowers Tutorial

Shaggy flowers are a great way to use up some scraps
and as they are meant to be shaggy your
stitching doesn't need to be perfect , 
just right for someone like me !

You will need fabric, wadding and felt scraps
as well as a button and a bit of cardboard to make a template .
The flowers I made are about 3" .

Draw a very basic flower shape onto the cardboard .
Cut the shape out , this is your template .
Trace the flower shape onto the backing fabric
(this can be plain as you won't see the back of the flower)

Sandwich a piece of wadding between the prepared backing
and the printed fabric .
Printed fabric down , wadding , prepared fabric with outline on top .

Stitch slowly and carefully around the penciled flower shape
through all three layers .
Only joking it really does not have to be perfect ,
 wonky is good !

Use pinking shears to cut around the flower shape
 close to the stitching .
Cut a circle of felt a bit larger than your button and
stitch the felt and button together to the centre of your flower .
All done and so easy !

These can be used on gift cards or stitched to ribbon
and used as shelf edging .

Or you can secure them to the front of a bag instead of a button .
You could even have one to match your outfit made into a brooch .

 Stitch them to fabric and put them into a hoop
as a decoration for your space .

Let me know what you think of these and
if you make some please tell me as
I'd love to see them .