Saturday, January 21, 2012

tilda book giveaway

It's a bit odd that someone who crafts for a living
has nothing crafty to blog about .

I've been busy streamlining my business and
trying to make it a bit more manageable .
I have opened a bigcartel shop to sell my patterns from.
What an easy set up , it's clean and tidy and I hope
to add some one off handmade things this year .

So why am I boring you with all this ?

I would like you to visit my new shop and
have a look and maybe tell me what you like
or what new design you would like to see there .

You won't need to take a cut lunch or anything
just click here and then come back here with your
wisdom and enter by leaving a comment
and you just may be the winner of this Tilda book .

It is open to everyone .

PS There is free post on all patterns in Australia
until Thursday in my shop

Thanks very much xxx .

Thanks for your interest but
this giveaway is now closed .


Larissa said...

I think it's very sweet ... easy to read, not too much embellishment that takes your eye away from the intended focus -- the patterns. I like it!!

Stella's Blooms said...

I love it, Clare,
It's so simple, yet pretty. I hope you do well with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare! Your shop looks great - nice and 'clean' and not to frilly! I love Toby the dog, but would love to see if one day he might have a cat buddy? And thinking of all the caravan-y craft that's popping up on the net, how about a "Happy Camper" quilt?

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare! Your shop looks great - nice and 'clean' and not to frilly! I love Toby the dog, but would love to see if one day he might have a cat buddy? And thinking of all the caravan-y craft that's popping up on the net, how about a "Happy Camper" quilt?

Kelly Casanova said...

It looks great Clare, I really like the simplicity of big cartel.

Allison's Page said...

love the shop, would like to see boys and girls apron patterns ans pillow pet type patterns

Lynn M said...

I love the camper

Sharlene said...

Hi Clare ,
Didn't need to pop over , had already been for a squizzy! Looks awesome , so awesome in fact you had inspired me to open one , just got to get around to posting on it.
Your store looks sooo colourful and inviting , hope you make heaps from it ..

arlette said...

I love your store, love the green backgound, maybe you need cat and mouse's patterns?

Anonymous said...

Clare its a lovely shop and i wish you well,you are very clever i love all the patterns,thankyou for a chance to win a tilda book.xx

barb's creations said...

Love your new shop Clare,very pretty but not to frou frouish...would love to see a caravan mini wall hanging or quilt to complement the other pattern.
Forgot to see if you accepted cheque/bank deposits for orders??? :) Barb.

Vivien said...

Hi there

I have enjoyed looking at your patterns and seeing your shop. I hope that it is very successful for you. i must get a card or something so that I can buy itmes on the net.

wishing you much success and fun with your shop

Viv :)

Christine M said...

Your shop looks lovely Clare. I love the Happy Camper!

Georgia lucky button said...

Dear Clare your shop is beautiful!
And I wish you the best.. :)
I adored the Frances Frog!

Have a nice day ;)

Farm Gate Creations said...

Hi Clare, All the best with your Bigcartel it looks great. Simple is so much better.

Lucky-1 said...

Clare I love your new site and the background colour is fab. Makes the viewing of your sweet designs even more lovelier.

All the best with you shop and I'd love to win the book for my HUGGLES For


Unknown said...

Well done on your new shop, it looks great. I would like to see an owl pattern x

Barb said...

I love your shop, I hope you don't mind if I open up one for myself? Your shop looks great.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Your shop looks lovely. Maybe you could add photo hyperlinks for your 'contact' link and 'all' links to brighten the side bar up a bit. Love the colours, very calming. x

SewLindaAnn said...

I think your shop page is very pleasing to look at, not over-whelming like some. I LOVE the camper and frog patterns. LOVE them. I need to look up the difference in cost from AU to US.

Lena said...

It's so simple,and pretty. I hope you do well with it.
Lena in Örebro, Sweden

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Clare, I think it looks good. The pictures are lovely and clear, too. Honeybunny always makes me smile :)

Tatkis said...

Your new shop looks very nice! I like the colours. Will there be some cathegories for your patterns (like toys, bags, etc)?


Katherine said...

Lovely new shop, Clare. Your banner is pretty and the photos of your patterns are very appealing. Attractive and clean set-up.

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Well done on your new shop! I'm looking at opening an online shop too, probably in a few months time, but don't know much yet about cart/payment options etc.

I love the perky penguin paper pattern btw.

The Patch Craft said...

Just dropped by your shop. Sorry but im not a fan of green I love pink.

Your shop is so easy to look at.

Looking forward to going back to see whats new.

Unknown said...

Cheryl Bond Lake (facebook)

Jodes said...

I love how bright and fresh your shop is! And Perky Penguin is adorable (ok so all your patterns are adorable...)

Jacara said...

I love the ways its clean and simple and nothing distracts from the actual products. I would love to see a chhok or rooster pattern....only because i collect them :)

Audrey Aggie and Me said...

Hello Clare, love the look of the shop, very easy on the eye. Love Toby the dog!! Thx sharyn

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Oh what lovely designs! So original! I have to admit... I saw the Happy Camper and thought what a cute zipper pouch it would make, lol! Good luck with it all!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a Kitty pattern!

Joy said...

Love it Clare ... nice and fresh and easy to see what's what :o). I reckon Toby needs a playmate/rival. How about a cat - oh, and maybe a mouse too, that'd be fun :o).
Joy :o)

JellyBean211981 said...

Hi Clare! I love your new shop! It's very easy to use, which is great for me, as online shopping gets confusing for me! I adore your banner at the top - simple, effective and pretty!

Michell said...

Lovely shop Clare. I do like the catchit bag. So many things you can catch in it

Shaz :) said...

Congratulations lovely... im thinking of opening a big cartel shop as well. would love to see what you think of it (positives negatives etc)... looks lively and i think im needing very soon your cute little caravan pattern :)

Miss Muggins said...

I love the look of your shop, its bright and fresh. I would love to see a big squashy toadstool pillow. I adore the happy camper one xxx

Focus on Art said...

Looks great and with no extra 'stuff' to distract from the products I'm sure you'll make loads of sales.
Best of luck!

Karen said...

So simple yet super Cute!
One day I would love to have a house big enough to fit Chris in... I can dream.

Jan said...

It looks great Clare! As others have said, it's nice and "clean" and easy to read. Just one haven't said that the bag is a pattern only. I know from experience that someone will expect to buy the bag for $16!!! lol Looking forward to seeing more! Good luck xxx

Wendyb said...

Great shop Clare....nice and easy to navigate...not too fussy,, that's what I like when I go online shopping....when it expands (and you know it will) I'd love to see pages/tabs like softies, bags, etc etc.....and a 'new things' tab too...always love to see what's coming!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) xo

annemarie said...

You did a great job with your shop layout - love the colorful pics.


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