Tuesday, December 30, 2014

read all about it

I've been told by people who know
 a lot more than me I need a newsletter.
Do you read newsletters?
What do you expect or like in a newsletter?
Personally I don't like newsletters that come
to me with the pictures all blocked out
and a whole lot of blank and you have
to follow another link to see what they have to say.
Who has time for that?
I have no idea what I would give you in a
newsletter yet to be honest.
Maybe I'll just add a pretty picture and say hi.
Maybe I'll offer a discount to subscribers
Maybe I'll forget that I'm meant to send newsletters!
There is a sign up thingie over there on the right.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

mars bars slice

If you have a spare few minutes this
Mars Bar slice is really easy to make and
if you package some nicely it would make a great gift!
Chop 4 x 55g Mars Bars and melt with 90g butter on stove top.
Mix in 3 cups of Rice Bubbles.
Spread into 19cm x 29cm pan and pop into fridge
while you do the topping.
For the topping just melt a 220g block of chocolate
and spread it over the base.
It's Christmas so chill.
Slice into small pieces as it is very rich.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Please drive safely.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

under the christmas tree

This is the last week of Under The Christmas Tree
which is probably just as well as besides me
there were no link ups for last week.
Thank goodness I had some things to add
otherwise it would have been very embarrassing!
Did you know it can be an old post you link up?
Did you know it can be a recipe or even a menu?
Did you know it can just be a Christmas photo?
Link up anything Christmassy,
 come on you know you want to.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

on my bucket list

Not long to go now people!
As with everyone else I have been very busy,
mainly working at the paying job but
trying to squeeze a bit of craft in too.
On my list for this week is to make a few of my buckets.
They are great to give as gifts filled with treats.
These are so easy to make I thought I'd link
back to my old tutorial in case you have time to make some too.
Enjoy the rest of your week , I hope you're having fun!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

under the christmas tree

Not long to go now!
What have you been planning, making, cooking or decorating?
Add your link below and show us any
Christmassy things you have going on.
Link back here so your friends can be inspired too!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

morning tea with

This morning I am having a cuppa and chat with Jennifer Sheehy from
EvieAndLei Designs.

Jennifer is based in Kiama N.S.W. where she makes
the loveliest clothing dividers I have ever seen.
How did your business  begin for you Jennifer?
I was looking for something with an under the sea theme for
my grandson's bedroom and when I couldn't find something
just right I decided to make my own.
How do you go about designing your dividers?
I spend a lot of time researching the latest trends and sourcing digital papers.
And then?
I design the templates and then put them through my Silhouette Cameo.
Excuse my ignorance but what is a Silhouette Cameo?
A Silhouette Cameo is just like a home printer but instead of just printing
it uses a small blade to cut fabric, paper, cardstock and vinyl up
to 12" wide and ten feet long.
Where do you source your dividers?
Here in Australia.
So these gorgeous dividers are just for home wardrobes?
Well yes they can be but my business has been growing
due to the demand from stores and markets where clothing
is sold and the sellers are wanting something to make their
business stand out.
Can their logos be added?
Yes I can custom make your dividers.
Where do you sell Jennifer?
I have a facebook page  EvieAndLei Designs and a lovely store ~
in Shellharbour stock them as well.
Thank you so much for having a chat with me this
morning Jennifer I really love what you do.
Would you like to have a chat with me?
Do you have a friend that might like to have a cuppa with
me to chat about their craft?
Have a look at my other posts here where I have had ladies over
for morning tea and see if you would like to join me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

under the christmas tree

Ho there and welcome back!
What have you been making , planning,
cooking or decorating for Christmas?
Would you like to pop it Under the Christmas Tree?
Make sure you link it back here so your friends
can visit some other new blogs for inspiration!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

my instagram week

Although I don't always have time to do a full blog post
most days I pop a photo on Instagram.
Instagram has grown into a friendly community
where most are encouraging and helpful.
There is no drama with leaving a comment
for others ~ you can just like someone's photo
if you wish or not.
It can often be a behind the scenes look at your
favourite creator's  design process
or see their home , their pets or family life.

This week I posted the pretty fabrics I was working with.

I shared some lovely fresh cherries,

I showed off my solar Christmas lights,

  a lot of us put our bats out for Phillip Hughes

and I posted a few photos around my town.
 Of course there was some more craft thrown in.
My photos are all taken on my little Galaxy phone
and it's not even a flash one.
I don't use fancy filters and I don't take photos
of the meals I'm having.
I'm sorry I just don't understand why people
need to show us everything they are eating.
So if you only have a dodgy little phone that takes
basic photos and very little time for much else
come and join me on Istagram it really is so much fun!