Saturday, November 5, 2011

my place and yours

I'm joining Vic and all the others in My Place and Yours.

Now that I'm really old I'm not that interested in clothes.

If anyone gave me free rein to go anywhere clothes shopping
I would always still end up in Vinnies. 
Racks and racks of all the same clothes that are in the
trendy shops just bore me to tears .
Honestly I would rather poke sticks in my eyes
than to have to try stuff on in those places.

All that being said as the photo above shows
I did have a little flick through my wedding dress collection
this morning looking for something to show you.
I have such a nice assortment just in case I get
married again one day .
I have no plans at all to leave my beautiful husband
but you just can't ever be too prepared .

I'm sorry I couldn't pick just one stunner to show you.
So it looks like I just have to sit this one out
but you can still play , I'm just too comfortable
in my pink crocs and grey trackies to move anywhere.


Barb said...

Gotta love your shoes....

Lib said...

Clare they are exactly the same as my garden shoes but I wear socks with them to keep the soil out! Love them.

Melissa said...

crocs are great and I love shopping at vinnies too.

Martta said...

Op-shopping for clothes is the best. The joy when I eventually find something I like is far greater than when shopping at a 'normal' shop. And comfortable is always good. I love lounging around in my grey trackies too.

quilary said...

Your crocs make me smile - and I like how the pot of daisies moved over to be in the pic too!

CatNCart Craft said...

You make me laugh, I see/ hear myself in your post ...

Vic said...

I was reading something yesterday about how crocs are unacceptable in any situation lol; but I think paired with trackies they are the height of garden style. ;)

Andrea said...

Yes tracky's are just sooo comfy!!
love your crocs!!

Max said...

I like how you've 'styled' your outfit to match the pink flower in the pot there; I too like to play matchy-matchy with my garden x

Jasmine said...

I have to honest, I never really thought much about Crocs, but now they seem like the perfect gardening shoes! I love the slip-on slip-off factor!

Jackie said...

Very pretty Crocs. I agree that Op Shopping is much more fun than looking at new stuff. I get bored with the new stuff very quickly.

misteejay said...

Hi there, just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the bunting project over at Kerryanne's for the Simple Christmas event - lovely idea for adding a splash of colour.

Toni xx

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