Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's all about the money

Every Christmas a chocolate coin is placed under
every plate at the dinner table .

My kids don't think it's "just like magic " anymore
but it really isn't the same Christmas unless I do it .

Last Christmas was a very traumatic one and I was
so distracted I didn't manage to get any coins .
The week or so before Christmas day I had
so many people hunting all the shops for me and
I was even ringing nearby towns looking for them .

This year it's going to be different .
I have so many gold coins they can all eat the
chocolate and maybe I won't have to cook !

Do you have your own little traditions?
Please tell about them , I love hearing nice stories.


Elizabeth said...

What a neat tradition. My mother for well over 50 years made ginger shortbread for christmas and now, I can't let christmas go by without baking a batch.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Isn't it sweet Clare when our teens still want to carry on those early traditions. My big girls still want to put supper out for Santa and I'm really hoping by now they realise that Santa isn't really going to come and eat the cake and drink the beer. lol
Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne

Max said...

I like your tradition very much. We ALWAYS wrote a letter to father christmas which went up the chimney, ie was burnt on the fire rather than mailed to the north pole and we will be writing one with our wee one shortly now she can speak a little and make demands (I suspect santa will be bringing a choclate cake and ice cream this year lol!)

Shay said...

Ham and Eggs for breakfast,(I bake the ham ) Christmas tree up the first weekend in December, I make White Christmas and we have started our bi annual reading of The Night before Christmas story with little P.

My daughter carries on when we dont do any of those things and she is almost 21. Traditions are fun!

VintageVicki said...

The one that springs to mind is the boys (now 15 & 13) insistance that a lego mini-figure is part of their stocking loot - we've worked our way through Star Wars and superheros - I think this year Santa is bringing Buzz Lightyear and Woody ;)

MelMel said...

I love the choccie coins....bought a small bag in M&S today!

My tradition is to buy one or two new decorations each year......and we always have a tin of Roses!


Louise said...

My children hang their stockings up - they each have one they have used since their first Christmas - and FC always pops a satsuma, a brazil nut and a walnut in the toe, along with a bag of choccy coins. Only the coins get eaten! We also have a Christmas fairy that arrives on 1st December to watch over the kids until Christmas Eve to make sure they are being good! Only grown-ups can see the fairy of course ;)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Thats a gorgeous tradition!...We just have lil things like Pennies in the pud and youngest puts the star on the tree...

quilary said...

Gold coins always go in the bottom of the kids' stockings...that's one thing that we had as kids and I still carry it on for my lot.
Dad used to make this mix of sultanas, nuts, chocolate powder and brandy the night before and it would be out the next day and we'd eat it by the spoonful. I still "experiment" with getting the proportions right...I actually don't know if he used a recipe either!!!

Linda said...

I always mix the Christmas pudding in my Grandmother's bowl. I add coins after the pudding is heated on Christmas Day. One coin is a Kiwi 10c piece (my Dad is a Kiwi). Whoever gets that coin wins a prize.


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