Thursday, July 10, 2014

getting down to business

My computer is on the way out.
I've had a terrible fear of losing my photos
and of course they aren't backed up.
So I have been saving files and photos to usbs.

I thought I'd treat myself to a businessy usb from Vistaprint.
It looks pretty good!
To make the postage worthwhile I also got myself
some new business cards and magnets and

gift vouchers!
Very excited about these gift vouchers !
Available in my shop right now.


thingsforboys said...

I back up my stuff with Google Docs. It's free and links to a file on your computer so it's all done automatically. I also backup old photos to flickr. Again free and that way I know there's another copy. Flickr isn't the best site, but it does the job.

Unknown said...

Very professional :)

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