Sunday, December 29, 2013

looking forward

Don't you just love the end of the year with a fresh and new one beginning.
Last year was pretty crap for me so I'm declaring 2014 my  year.
By the end of June I will have no children left at home
and although I am incredibly sad about this (shattered really)
I know that it is not healthy for them or me to wallow about it.
So I will put on a brave face and look forward to the next phase of my life.
In 2014 I hope to .....
(see I said hope not will)
not have another heart attack
do an online design course
spend more time with friends
do more crafting
not have another heart attack
read more, watch less
enjoy mothering from a different angle
rest a bit
relax a bit
grow my blog
release at least 3 new patterns
look at turning my patterns into PDFs
do more family tree research
try some new things
be happy
None of these are huge goals but they are important to me
and I know that I don't need a new year to begin these things
but this is the year that everything is going to change and
it really doesn't get much bigger than having
all your children gone.
What about you?
Do you set goals or unrealistic expectations?
How did you cope with your empty nest?
Were you miserable or happy when they left?
As some of you may know I don't get very personal here
but I'll let you in on a little secret .....
I'm going to cry for days when my kids are gone.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Here's to a year with no heart attacks or health issues of any kind! I, personally, would like a year with no deaths, especially of young people.. :( And I feel ya' with the kiddos gone. This was my first year in almost 30 that I wasn't near mine but I am so happy and proud of the adults they've become and they're out there doin' it to it and I applaud them all. It's sort of a time when we get to rediscover and reinvent ourselves.. Who were we before our children (I barely remember) and who will be after they're off being their fabulous selves.. :) You'll get thru this. I promise. :) Happy New Year!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Oh yes No heart attacks is a dam good place to start! Can't help with the empty nest as I have 4 at home but I'm dealing with my baby starting school so that's the hard one for me. After a year here that included a heart procedure and an OP here is hoping 2014 is a better one medically for us both. hugs

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

2014 is going to be your year Clare....

Jodie said...

Clare, Our nest has been empty almost a year..... It is weird. the things I miss are the most absurd. Its different , and quieter and we can't eat the food before it goes bad , nor drink all the milk....
With the kids not at home we don't see their friends.... Kids we have known for 10 or more years....its different.

primrosesattic said...

I've got one gone to Uni and one in last year of school. When my daughter went to Uni I cried a lot. The house was quiet and I missed her all the time. I had to cope going shopping on my own and having to watch the soaps on my own. But now she rings all the time and texts the rest of the time. I still do not like it. But I have adapted to it.
My son will be 17 this year and I still feel his my baby even though he is taller than me. I can't imagine him going but I know he will....I try not to think about it.
There will be tears in your house, but as time goes on you will find your own interests and I'm sure they will be in constant touch.

Melody said...

Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing. Hugs

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