Monday, April 23, 2012

oops I should have had a giveaway

Silly me it has been a busy few weeks and time has just flown by .
Recently I released my softie pattern for Zoom , had my wedding anniversary
and my 450th blogiversary and didn't even think about a giveaway .
So better late then never ~ this is a giveaway post , hooray !

To win a copy of Zoom you just need to leave a comment on this post .

You don't need to follow this blog , you don't need to live in Australia .

I would really , really love for you to blog , facebook or tweet about this
so much so that I'll give you extra entries .

If you would like more details on Zoom or any
of my other patterns look here in my shop.

I'll draw the winner on Thursday .

Thank you for your interest , this giveaway is now closed .


Jane from Lil Pip said...

Lovely blog Clare. Off to exploring the rest. Does this count as a comment?


J said...

The Zoom looks super cute!

Katherine said...

Cute!!!! Would love to enter!

gfm said...

ohh how awesomely cute!!!!

Rachel said...

Oh yes yes i would love to win Zoom - he is sooooo cool!!!

kylie said...

My lil boy would love zooming around with this in toe

Kelli Hogan said...

It's a gorgeous pattern, please put my name in the draw :)

Jodie said...

I absolutely LOVE Zoom <3

Sas said...

My grandson wants to be pilot, he is only 4, but with hands on hips, he will tell you his name is Captain Kyal. Great softie, love it!
Cheers Sas.

Nicole (Lozzy Loo Designs) said...

Zoom is fantastic, great to see some more thinsa suitable for boys!!

Belinda said...

Sew very creative! Very clever :)

njeri said...

I have a son that is currently into air planes, I would totally make this for him.

Kateri said...

Would love to win! Zoom is so cute :)

Karen said...

Cute little zoom needs to zoom on over to my place for a trip!

Anonymous said...

wooow it's great
it would be lovely to get it
but isn't it too far away

Jacqui Simmo said...

I am awesome, you're awesome.It'd be awesome if I won :o)

Cath said...

Loving the Zoom...!

Joan and Kevin said...

Wicked cute!

Mistea said...

Cute zoom - does he need a driver?

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

My boys would love this softy! Sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

What a very cute softie.Thanks for the chance to win.
Karen C

~Laurie~ said...

So glad you decided on a giveaway - I would love to win this pattern - I'm always looking for new softie patterns - this one is so cute. I can picture kids holding on to it and making it fly! Thanks :)

Leena said...

Could the Zoom fly to Finland? A long way to go....:)

Anonymous said...

Is it to late to enter.? They are soo cute.!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving Zoom!

linny said...

I've got a little grandson who would love Zoom. Thanks for the chance to win him.

quilary said...

Heavens Above! have some great ideas flying around in your head! I hope zoom lands in my letterbox!

Tracey said...

I have four young grandsons who would just love Zoom to zoom in to their room.

Unknown said...

Belinda Bishop FB

Carolyn McPherson said...

Zoom is so cute! I follow you on FB and wish you congrats On yout - versaries!!

annemarie said...

Cute pattern as are all of yours!

Rhonda Z said...

Zoom is adorable. I love your blog

Matias said...

My boys would love this softy! Sooo cute!


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