Thursday, April 5, 2012

not according to plan

I was going to paint a heap of styrofoam eggs and then glitter them up
to have bowls of sparkly goodness around the house for Easter.

I pushed a skewer through them as it made them easier to paint.
There they were sitting up looking happy and pretty as they dried
so I tied a piece of ribbon onto them.

But you know with them all sitting in a jar looking very bright
and me being so very , very lazy ....

I've left them just as they are .


Unknown said...

They Look Great Clare...
Have a Happy Easter...

Sue said...

I think that's a great choice Clare. they look pretty perfect just like that. Happy Easter!

Kate said...

I think I'd prefer them this way than with glitter!

Pauline said...

nice work are so clever!!! simple but very cute

Maria said...

They look great as is...
Have a lovely Easter..

Indigo Blue said...

They look good to me as they are clare.
Happy Easter.

Bev said...

so last year I did that with my 3 year old grand daughter. We skewered eggs and added glue and glitter. Then put them in a vase to dry. There they sat. So this year my now 4 yer old grand daughter and I got some fun foam craft kits to decorate them up and made them all pretty! It's never too late!


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