Friday, April 29, 2011

supporting handmade

I went shopping with my teenager daughter the other day .
We don't get to the big shops very often so
we took the opportunity to have a good look around .
We went into one of those jewellery shops,
you know the ones with all the loud music
and the shop girls bounce over to see
if they can help with very bright , high voices .

Anyway my daughter was a bit taken with a necklace .
It was pretty , it was trendy and damned if
I couldn't make it myself !
It was also very , very expensive .

I'm fairly sure it was imported very cheaply
from overseas and now someone is making a fortune
and it isn't the people overseas that are
paid a pittance .

Which finally brings me to my point .
There is a program on the ABC
called Blood , Sweat and Luxuries
that shows the hardships people endure just
so we can have our fancy goods .

It has showcased embroidery sweatshops and
precious metal mining and computer recycling .
What these poor people go through for us
is just incredible and heartbreaking .

This program is a real eye opener and
I highly recommend it .

I would always rather support local handmade and
in a very small way I hope this helps .

This is as political as you are ever
 going to get from me but I am so passionate
about handmade , upcycling , recycling , reusing
and just making do that this was a good place
to rant to so many others that feel the same .

So the handmade necklace was made.
The girl and I just love it and because
we worked on it together this
 always makes handmade extra special !


Anonymous said...

I'm on the soapbox with you! toni xxx

Jeanette said...

Good on you Clare. The necklace looks great. Special to because you both worked on it. Happy Stitching

Ellieboo said...

Good for you Clare - and well said!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Woo hoo... handmade all the way. Fully supporting your soap box Clare - lol. Tell Miss teen this is way better than shop bought. You are both so clever.
Hugs ~ kerryanne

Terri's Place said...

Fabulous Clare ... that's everything you said AND the gorgeous necklace that you and your lovely daughter made together. You are very talented and obviously your Miss Teen is following in her Mum's footsteps. :) x x

Teresa said...

Move over... I'm getting on that soap box with you. I totally agree with you Clare. Handmade is the way to go!!! Just love the necklace you and your daughter made. So special.I would buy handmade and make handmade over any of that stuff any day. Good on ya!

Allie said...

Oh good job Clare - I too prefer to support local handmade, or do it myself! The necklace is gorgeous!

Karen's Korner said...

My sentiments exactly. Love what you girls came up with.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Well said...have one of those necklaces here also!!

Tania said...

Lady, if you ask me, you can climb on to your soapbox any old day of the week.

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely necklace especially the colours. You couldmake it any length you want.
I saw that programme in the UK and asked my students to watch it as part of their homework and it did start off many discussions. Wel worht watching for everybody. It really makes you think about where the items that you buy come from.

Unknown said...

Yah! Good on You Clare...Great Job on the Necklace it looks Gorgeous..

RobynLouise said...

Supporting you all the way in the local handmade. Great necklace!

rosie said...

....What they said!!!!!!..

blandina said...

A very pretty necklace, I agree with all you said. Furthermore I like the fact that you are teaching to your daughter to be crafty, use her hands and save money.

Anonymous said...

for a minute I thought you relented and bought the ridiculously

overpriced version..

good for you!

Unknown said...

I agree with you. had the chance to see some factories in china and india and it's not pretty. i felt like s##* being there and every time i buy something that says 'made in china' (almost everything, these days) i have the idea op these people living in a ghetto and working insane hours per day (without bathroom breaks).
btw... beautiful necklace!! :)

Shirlwin said...

Cool necklace! You have successfully 'killed two birds with one stone' ... "ranted" on exploitation [it is downright cruel how some workerss are treated, and then to hike the price up is even worse], and joined with your daughter to make a beautiful, and unique, necklace.

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