Sunday, October 31, 2010

looking for my patterns ?

You can always get my patterns from my
shop or my eBay shop but now
you can find them here .
Lets all just pretend there is an arrow here pointing down .

Ollie and May is a new online store
owned and operated by
 Maree of
Maree has just started her new adventure
with this gorgeous name .
Pop over and see her new store
you just might find my patterns there!
not only stocks the most beautiful oilcloth ever
she has my patterns in her her lovely shop too .
Thanks Maree and Susie .


Allie said...

Wonderful! I love Susie's logo!

Toddler Birthday Gifts said...

You have a great fascination towards green color and especially towards natural things. This is well expressed in you work. The patterns are now easily available to most of us and will get a good presence.

Impact said...

This is indeed a good news that you will get a good exposure through this effort. This was a necessity for you to explore yourself and your creativity to the most.

Unknown said...

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