Wednesday, September 26, 2012

morning tea with

It's Jane from Lil Pip !

Coffee or tea ?
Coffee although I don't mind a Chai Latte in the afternoon.

What is your business ? What do you do ?
My business is Lil Pip and I make mainly girls clothes and children's toys. My 'famous' product is the Boobook ribbon owl that I designed and I'm currently working on a pattern for release in the next couple of months.

How long has it been going ? How did it start out ?
I started the business in August 2010 when I started making creations for my daughter and as gifts and all my friends asked me if they could buy them!

How do manage around your family ?
Oh this is a constant juggle. I work 4 days a week in a marketing role (yes it comes in rather handy for the business!). I have one day at home on Friday but by the time I walk my eldest to school, take my younger daughter to swimming lessons, rush home for nap, then back to school for pickup, it is no wonder that I don't seem to get much done that day! I usually try to cut out and prepare during the week and sew on the weekends. I have an incredibly supportive husband and he and the kids seem to disappear for hours (usually on a Bunnings related adventure) which leaves me to sew in peace. I love you honey! School holidays are coming up and I'm looking forward to two solid weeks of sewing in preparations for markets coming up.

When your craft becomes your work how do you relax ?
See for me craft is the relaxing! Because I have another 'real' job, sewing for me is my creative outlet. I just love putting my Boobook owls together, deciding on fabric, matching the ribbons and putting it together. Is there nothing more rewarding then seeing the finished product? I have changed my focus over the last year and moved away from selling online. I don't take orders and just sew what I want, when I want and only sell at markets. It has taken most of the stress or pressure away and now I just do what I love!

Do you make things and sometimes keep them for yourself ?
Oh rarely which is terrible. I do however make lots of things for gifts for friends and family. mmmm maybe I should make that skirt pattern I've 'been meaning to get around to' for ages!

What is your favourite craft ?
Sewing for me but I have done scrapbooking, cross-stitching and last year I taught myself to crochet thanks to YouTube.

Describe a normal day for you ?
When I create my Boobooks it is a rather involved process! I surround myself (on my bed since that is my 'sewing space') with piles of fabric and put together a 'suite' usually about 4 of each colour or design. I'm determined that each one has to be different (which is saying something now that I have created over 200 owls!). Then I match the ribbons for wings, feet and the handle. Last is cutting out the felt eyes, beak and the minky back. That is before I have even started sewing! I then tack down the background eyes, tummy and wings with hemming tape (rather than iron on interfacing), stitch around all the pieces and put it all together. Stay tuned for a pattern though - with much more detail! I'm also planning some variations and have already sketched out the most gorgeous giraffe, elephant and turtle!

Are your designs your own ?
My children's clothes are usually sourced from other designers patterns but my Boobook ribbon owl is my own. I have adjusted it quite a bit over my time making them and only now feel like it is ready to put to paper, so to speak.

Tell us something quirky about yourself ?
I finally got my drivers license when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child, after having my learners in three different states over a period of 13 or 14 years! Yay for my patient hubby that got me there!

What are your plans ? How much further do you plan to take your business ?
I just want to keep doing what I love doing. I do plan to sell my patterns and that's what I'm working towards now. I also am a committee member helping to organise the Maribyrnong Makers Market <> and have loved gaining the insight from the other side.

Where do you sell ?

Facebook ~ Lil Pip
Blog ~ Lil Pip

You will find me at the following markets: Craft Markets here
Werribee Park Market, Saturday 13 October, 8am - 1pm
Flemington Twilight Market, Saturday 17 November, 3pm - 8pm
Maribyrnong Makers Market, Saturday 24 November, 9.30am - 3.30pm
Werribee Park Market, Saturday 8 December, 8am - 1pm

Thanks so much for having me over for morning tea Clare.
Did you enjoy the banana cake I made? I just couldn't come empty handed!


Thanks Jane you and your cake are welcome anytime .

Next week another fantastic crafter is coming over for a cuppa , seeya then !


jodie said...

Hi Jane, Hi Clare, thanks for the invite and the cake . I am really enjoying this series Miss Clare, lots of fun!

Mary Marcotte said...

Hello ladies! Love the interview and that owl is absolutely darling. Can't wait for the pattern. I'd love to make a few for the grandchildren.

Mrs. Lucky said...

Another lovely read! Thank you ladies.

Pauline said...

hi Clare..
what a fun idea...lovely read

Salley said...

Yes, I enjoyed that cuppa, girls! Thanks. Cute frocks.

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Thanks so much for inviting me for morning tea. So glad you enjoyed my cake!


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