Sunday, May 13, 2012

another mothers day post

Happy Mother's Day everyone !

My kids bought me an odd set of cup and plates from Vinnies
and a ball of wool in my mothers favourite colour , just perfect !

My brothers and sisters and all our kids have a cup of tea at
11.00 am on mothers day in honour of our mum and nan .
Although we are not in the same room we all are together in spirit.
We are spread out all over Australia and New Zealand
and there are lots of us .

This is our second time doing this and although it has
a tinge of sadness it brings us all together
and I know that my mum would have loved that.

So yes I am always a little sad on days like this but
so very grateful for my family .

Enjoy your day !

Love you mum always xxxx


simplestitches said...

Happy Mothers Day Clare, nice gifties!
what a lovely way to remember your Mum...

CathyC said...

What a lovely way to remember your Mum ....

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely idea. I am always feeling sad on Mother's day too as I lost my mother very suddently in 2009. But every year I buy I boquet of flowers in honour of her and my husband's late mother and we place a photo of our mothers' beside the flowers. We do the same on father's day in honour of our late father's. I feel very blessed though that I have love memories to treasure.

Christy said...

Wishing you a wonderful Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

That's a Lovely way to Celebrate your Mum's Memories...
Mine has been in my Thoughts too Today..Love Your Pressies.

Georgia lucky button said...

Happy Mothers day!!

Indigo Blue said...

What a lovely idea to remember your Mum and Nan. Next month will be the first Fathers Day without my Dad, would you mind if I used or tweeked this idea. He did like the odd beer or a cup of tea too.

Hope you had a good day.
Our Mothers Day is in March in the UK.

nicole said...

that is such a lovely tradition to have :D
happy mother's day clare!

Cindy said...

Mothers Day is a hard one for me too - would love to be able to hold my mum again. On the other hand my own kids are amazing and make me feel very special. A bitter sweet day.
Clare, thanks for stopping by my little blog and making your presence known x


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