Monday, January 10, 2011

a bargain not to be sneezed at !

I popped into a nearby Vinnies store today
as always on the lookout for embroidered doilies .
One of the ladies who knows me thought I might
be interested in some hankies .

No one wants to buy old hankies love
we just usually throw them out .

I didn't really know how to take this ,
does the rare person who does buy old hankies
have a certain look or was it just the
way my eyes lit up when I saw these beauties .

Either way I think she felt justified that she
had labeled me an old hankie buyer
as I giggled and skipped out the door !

No I have no immediate plans for these but
I can't really be expected to think rationally
after all I'm only an old hankie buyer !


Sue said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see the old hanky sewing.

marina said...

What a haul Clare! well done.
Oh the days when we carried a pretty hankie in our bags.
What to do with them all?

Shay said...

I wouldn't blow a bargain like that off either...

Well done Clare. I incorporated some of my grandmothers hankies into quilts a couple of years ago . Im sure you'll do something stunningly crafty with yours.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

You know what you should do? You should make a hanky quilt for when someone in the house has a cold. That way they'll feel warm and special and if they sneeze really messily it won't matter.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

I am sort of glad I don't live near you Clare, I would be knocking you out of the way....well in a sneaky way...what a haul. You could make a hanky curtain or some hanky bunting...says she that has a bundle of vintage childrens hankies she hasn't done anything with.
Kiss Noises Linda

Anonymous said...


willywagtail said...

Hi Clare, I just saw this on flickr and thought it might be a start!

happy rosie said...

Hi great find they look lovely
Can not wait to see how you will use them.

Melody said...

Hi old hanky buyer. A wonderful, funny and charming post.

CurlyPops said...

Oh my goodness - I have visions of a beautiful hanky curtain that lets the lights stream through to show all of the beautiful colours and patterns!

blandina said...

I agree with Curly Pops, a curtain is exactly what I would do with them.

Ruby Star said...

What an awesome hankie haul. So many posibilities.

Brianna said...

I always wanted to print my wedding invites on hankies, strange but true. So jealous of your collection now. They would look lovely as a quilt or curtains as Curly Pops said.

Anita said...

Oh Clare! That hankie story is too funny!!!! I do wonder what old hankie buyers do look like!! Great find and good for you. Kind regards, Anita.

Mistea said...

Lovely loot you have there. Look forward to seeing where they all end up.

Sounds like a few (a lot of) old hankies helped put the bounce back in your step.


Teresa said...

oooh you did do well. I think they're gorgeous.. does this make me an old hankie lover???? Doesn't sound good, does it? said...

I never pass up on some vintage hankies. Ever! Made a curtain for my daughters room last year with some. Happy New Year.

Miss Muggins said...

I have my Grandma's hankies and mine from my chidhood (all cute animaly ones) in a little wicker pincic basket. Take them out and admire them from time to time, made a doll's dress once (and gave it back to grandma on a doll) and made another doll which a dear friend now has. Not to sure if I could use anymore of them. Perhaps anonymous hankies is the way to go!!!!!
Do love the curtain idea though.....

Barb said...

Those hankies are wonderful....great find!

Unknown said...

oooh pretty pretty! The photographs look fab - really pretty and colourful!

Cyndi said...

Oh, I am soooo jealous! I'm an "old hanky buyer", too, and you really hit the jackpot! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I've seen quilts made from them that are just absolutely fabulous!



Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Lucky you! Those hankies are just beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh you hanky lover you :-) I saw some bunting made out of old hankies recently that looked lovely.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

What a find Clare... even if you do get labelled the old hankie buyer - worth it I say. My minds ticking over with wonderful hankie sewing ideas and I bet yours is in overdrive too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Indigo Blue said...

What about a lovely Spring/Summer table cloth?

Vicki ♥ said...

I must aquire that look when I go into the Vinnies store next time LOL...what a lovely lot of hankies :) I look forward to seeing what you make with them Clare :) Hugs Vicki xx

Anonymous said...

Oh arent they CUTE!!! (I hope you washed them first LOL) Cant wait to see what pretty little things you plan for these beauties.

RG said...

From one irrational 'wanna be' hanky buyer to another... You go girl!!!
I would have been skipping or maybe running in case they changed their minds ha ha
Enjoy looking at em for now :-)
Really pretty.

Annie said...

How wonderful - and to think they throw them out!!

Bev C said...

Hello Clare,

I remember looking at a blog I think maybe from America (don't quote me) where the lady collected hankies and made them into a quilt.
Good luck with your stash Clare.
Happy days.
I wonder what bargain they will give you next time,please keep us informed.

Jo in TAS said...

Oh there's some pretties in there!

Liz said...

So, you are not a "bag"lady . You are a "hanky" lady. What a stash. One day I am going to make a trip down to visit you and your hankies and that Vinnies.

Allie said...

Clare those are just gorgeous - wow - can't wait to see what you create with these!!!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ooh what little treasures!! Had a giggle at your post title - your fantastic sense of humour always makes me smile! You 'old hankie buyer' you!!! Those little gems are obviously S'NOT for the regular customers!! Ha ha!

Loads a love sweetie!
Vikki xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I have heard that hankies make great bunting.

Val - Apple Cottage said...

If the Vinnies lady ever gets to read this she'll change her mind about old hankies and triple the price. What a great find. Hope you told her not to keep throw any more away.

Unknown said...

Recently I saw a quilt that used hankies. It was very cool. If I come across it again, I will send you the link.

Bobo Bun said...

Thankyou for your kind words, good to meet you through bloggy world.

I wonder what the old hanky buyer looks like too, you definately gave off a vibe. I have quite a stash of them too. Not worked out how to use them yet, but I do love the patterns on them.


kim said...

Just stumbled across your lovely blog, so glad I did........I'm off to have a little browse through your archives.

So sorry about your mum.

florrie x

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

What a fabulous start to your 2011 stash. The possibilities are endless :)

Sue-Anne said...

What a bargain. They look gorgeous all together like that and I am looking forward to seeing how you use them.

RobynLouise said...

Do old hanky buyers look different to old doily buyers? My Nana always thought you weren't dressed properly unless you had a clean hanky in your pocket or your purse. Lol, maybe you could make a purse from them!

miss~nance said...

WOW what a great haul.

I saw a quilt made form hankies on Alex Andersons quilting show a few years ago. It looked fabulous.

Hugs & blessings


Baby Clothes said...

It is really a tough bargain to deal but I really enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing this one with us. Hope to get more in future.

bubbachenille said...

I thought I had a lot in my own personal stash as my relatives still give me hankies in a card for birthdays etc, but I am amazed at this stash !

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