Monday, June 18, 2012

craft fail

I'm trying to do a bit more "just because I feel like it" craft .
Not for anyone else , not for work , just because I feel like it .

I saw this brilliant melted beads project on pinterest and wanted to try it.
So I organised some beads and cooked those little blighters .

The multi coloured beads were a bit too small .
The bluey coloured beads turned out pretty .
The little ones in the patty pan just burnt and stank the house out .
I cooked them at 200c for about 15 mins .
It may or may not have been longer as I think I may have passed out from the fumes.
Note to self ~ next time open more windows.

It was fun . It was different .

I am going to do more just because craft .

What about you , are you trying new things ?


The Sunflower Patch said...

I pinned that myself,have not had the time to try it out yet tho. I like how the blue beads turned out!

Alison Gibbs said...

Today I am going to get to know my new sewing machine

Fiona said...

looks fun - lots of different ones on pinterest ..... today I am trying to make soap.... that's a new one for me...

ittybittyandpretty said...

nice to do 'just becuse craft' but first i must tackle cleaning my craft room so that i can get to my crafts!!! i think i sound like a broken record...must clean craft room, must clean craft room...
love the way your stinky beads turned out ~_~

simplestitches said...

love the blue beads...and I bet they did smell a tad bad...I did that fimo clay stuff once, that was bad enough!

karumina said...

Es maravilloso!!! al principio no sabía qué estaba viendo... en cuanto tenga unas cuentas de plástico... lo pruebo!!!

Trish said...

hi Clare, I'm sure we all have lots of craft fails here and there. But that's how you learn too. Did some tie-dye the other day and learnt a lot from our mistakes!! cheers Trish xx

Sair said...

Hey clare I pinned that too
They looked like a fun school holiday project

Sair said...

Hey clare I pinned that too
They looked like a fun school holiday project

shelley said...

They look fun....what are you going to do with them now. I am making some baby stuff, a dear friend of mine has just become a Nana to a 9lb 7oz baby girl named Alexis Grace. Have fun with your smelly beads.xx