Monday, June 4, 2012

chocolate cake

This isn't what I usually do here , recipes that is .

It's just that I often share cake or slice recipes on facebook
and the girls there seem to like them .

To be honest I am a pretty terrible cook so I can only manage
quick and easy and that is probably why people like them .

At our house this cake is called The Filthy Cake
and that just shows how classy we are at my place.

It is very , very rich but not really cheap to make .

1 packet chocolate cake mix (about 350g) no frills is fine.
2 packets chocolate instant pudding (85g each ) 
4 eggs , 1 cup hot water , 1/2 oil ,1 cup of choc bits

Use an electric mixer to mix the first 5 ingredients for 1 minute only.
Mix the choc bits in with a wooden spoon.

Throw it all into a greased ring tin .
If you don't have a ring tin you can use a small, clean, empty can covered
in baking paper in the centre of a 20cm tin .

Bake at 170c for about 50 minutes.
Let cool completely before turning out.

So rich , this cake doesn't need icing .

If you would like the occasional recipe here
 please just let me know in the comments.

Next time I'll show you some craftiness !


Sally said...

That looks so delicious. Yummy yummy!

Jelly Bean Books said...

Chocolate cake is my favourite - yours looks and sounds wonderful! ~ Christine xx

Unknown said...

It looks.... errr.... filthy! I think it's ok to have the occasional recipe, every now and then, if you like. It's your blog :) I do it too, from time to time.

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

I just drooled over my key board! thanks!!!

gb80 said...

ooh that looks delish! I might have to try this!

Melanie said...

Looks very yummy. More recipes please :)

patchworkandlace said...

Oh my that looks scrummy ,i love chocolate cake ,the sikly the better ,love it xxthanks for sharing xx

Liz said...

This is definitely going to be made this week.Looks yum.

Karen said...

You don't add the eggs and water called for on the cake mix?
Just the ingredients you listed?
Thanks, and it looks like a wonderful chocolate craving fixer. :-)

shelley said...

Yumo I want some now, but sadly dont have all the ingredients. Is that 1/2 cup oil?? Thanks for sharing.

Food Manager Certification Texas said...

This is by far the best looking chocolate cake I've ever seen! These looks delicious! I can't wait to try these chocolate cake!

Tony Robins said...

It looks amazing, I am gonna try
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