Saturday, January 10, 2015

moving on

There may be a house move for me soon
and I'm trying to get organised.
My next place will be much, much smaller
so I have been culling as much as I can.
My old suitcase stores all my family tree notes
so it's practical and it can stay with me
but I felt it needed a little zing!

My new rule is not to bring any more stuff in to
the house and use what I already have so
I found an old tin of paint in the shed
called Fiesta which I seem
to remember buying as a vibrant orange.

A few quick coats of so called Fiesta later
but I thought the Fiesta was a fizzer.
I had some background paint from my
decorative painting days and set to with a couple 
of coats of Tigerlily (Jo Sonja)

Aaah now that's better!
Maybe having such a bright case will remind me
to work on my family tree more often.
Do you do Family Tree stuff?
Got any tips for me?


Jusmom1 said...

I LOVE this idea...for using the suitcase and for painting it! Kudos!!!

Kate said...

Great use for the suitcase, Clare, and I love the colour that you ended up with. :) I do family tree stuff and my only tip would be to stay at it - I take breaks from it and when I return I always come up with some information to fill in a blank ... almost like there's a guiding hand. Good luck with the move; I've been trying to purge ever since we moved into our current house (4 years ago) and still have way too much .... seems that when I discard something that's the very thing I need a couple of weeks later - I guess that's Murphy's Law. :D

Jan Quigley said...

I'm purging too, as I plan to downsize in a couple of years, & I'm not bringing anything else into the house, except food. :-) Like Kate I moved in here 4 years ago & still have too much stuff. Yes I'm into family tree & have traced family back to the early 1700's. It's so interesting, I started decades ago but only made real progress with the help of the internet. there is so much information out there.

Deb said...

wow Clare, TigerLilly is rather bright isn't it. I love old cases and one of mine has all my cross stitch patterns and bits and bobs in and I spray painted it gold but it's all starting to wear off, so I am thinking I may decoupage it with old family photos as it was my nan's case so family photos of her with us all would be most appropriate.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

LOVE the Tigerlily!

Bless your move, Clare. We've moved 20 times in 23 years, so decluttering is my second name. ;-)

Love doing family history...I'm a First Fleet descendant so fortunately there's a lot of public records there.


Melinda G said...

I don't do family tree stuff, although I hope to someday. I do, however, love and good makeover project and I love the suitcase. I have an old one of my own that I plan to makeover soon!