Tuesday, January 27, 2015

are you ready for a creative challenge?

The new year festivities are over and the kids are back at school,
are you wondering how to get back into the swing of crafting?
I'm so glad you asked because I have the answer for you!
 A whole lot of crafters joined in here for a creative challenge last year
and had so much fun I thought we may need to do it again.
It's really easy.
All you need to do is leave a comment here and then send me
an email saying "yes please I'm in"
When the signups are closed I then reply to your email
and include a random picture and a colour.
You use these hints to create something , anything!
You interpret the hints however you like.
You may use any medium you like be it fabric, paper, paint
beads, clay anything!
You have 2 weeks to complete your challenge.
You write a blog post showing your creativity.
When the two weeks is up I post a linky thing here.
You link your blog post to the linky thing.
Millions of curious crafters go to visit your blog
and are astounded at your awesomeness.
Doesn't this sound like fun!
If you would like to see what previous challengers created
go and check them out here.
This is not a competition it is just for fun.
Are you in?
Signups will close Sunday 1st of February.
I will email you with your pictures and colours on Sunday.
You do a little bit of thinking then create something.
You write a blog post but don't publish it yet.
I write a blog post with a linky on Sunday the 15th February.
You publish your post and link it here.
Your creativity has been kick started and you make new friends.
Win , win!
What are you waiting for?
and leave a comment on this post.
Maybe you'd like to copy and paste this little picture
in your blog sidebar and invite your friends
to join in too!
Let's have some fun!



Jody Herbert said...

I'm in! I love to take part in the creative challenge again - it was great fun last year!

Karen's Korner said...

I took part last year and had such fun. Thanks for organising this again.