Saturday, June 28, 2014

round and round we go

I found a big bag of these at my local Vinnies.

They were too good to leave behind.

So I used some scrap wool to crochet around them.

Now I have a bit of a head start on Christmas decorations.
When do you start making your decorations?
What have you re-made from supposed junk?
What have you been up to?


Sally said...

I've got a huge bag of those too. Had them for years now. Originally intended to make rattles with them... but now am thinking that perhaps some festive decorations would be a better idea.

Show and Tell said...

They look great I have some decorations made from those....I glued cute buttons and holly and bows on mine...They look great!

Melody said...

Well done, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished decorations.

nanabanana52 said...

I never really stop making decorations. Lol. I see something, get inspired, and just kkep at it.