Wednesday, June 18, 2014

last one .....for a while

For someone who doesn't really blog personal stuff
I seem to be doing a lot of it lately.
As some of you may know my son has been dreaming
of joining the Australian Navy for years.
He has planned and worked for this for a long time.
He has had many assessments and interviews
and finally the time has come.
The family piled into my old car and took
ourselves off to Melbourne.

On the morning he was to leave my son asked me to
leave the motel and have a walk with him.
He took me to the State Library where I stood in awe
of this beautiful building.
My boy apologised that it wasn't open but knew I
would still like to at least see it.

Not long after we watched him take his oath
and finish his life as a civilian .

He has been nervous for weeks but when it was done
I think he may have been relieved.
We won't be able to speak to him for a while.
We won't be able to see him for a while.
We will be missing him very much for a while.

He hopped on that bus and took a huge  piece
of my heart with him.


Rita Roberts said...

Oh my goodness, my son leaves in F ebrua ry to go into the Navy. I'm already missing him and he hasnt left yet!

Anonymous said...

I did the same with my son - they leave as boys and return a men - am so very proud. We as a family spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force and it was a great life!! Best wishes to you all!!!

Sue-Anne said...

It seems just like yesterday I watched my son hop on the bus to Kapooka. That was three years ago and he loves his job and has found his niche in life, I can't ask for anything more than that. I'll be thinking of you x

Noela said...

Happy and sad at the same time. I'm sure your son will miss you and his family as much as you do. Hugs......

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Clare how proud you must be of your handsome and brave fella...I can imagine the tredpidation on your and his behalf...