Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a sailor went to sea sea sea

Things have been a little quiet on my blog lately
as I have been helping my son get organised
for his new life in the Navy.
There have been many , many interviews over 2 years
and lots of planning to be done.

I had a surprise send off for him on the weekend with
over 80 people , we had such fun!
Can you imagine some of these being able to keep a secret?
They did and it is because my boy is such a well liked
kid they wanted it to be fantastic for him.
I could not be more proud of my son Jack
and so sad but happy for him at the same time.
The family are all going to send him off at Melbourne
on the weekend so if you don't hear from
me it's because I'm sobbing or cleaning his room
or probably sobbing at the state of his room.
Either way I know I'll be sobbing.
Yep sobbing now.
Gosh I love this kid and I'm going to miss him so much.


Shay said...

Oh Clare - how exciting for him and for your family and how sad at the same time.

You'll get used to the new world older but it will take time. Enjoy this new chapter. You've done the mothering and now he gets to go out into the world and show everyone what a great upbringing he had!

Melody said...

Wishing Jack every happiness in his new career

Teresa said...

Oh Clare!!!! I know what you're going through and I wish I could give you a great big hug. All the best Jack!!!!