Thursday, January 10, 2013

postcard swap update

Hi again , back already .
I sent out the emails with the partner allocations for
the postcard swap this morning please let me know
if you have any problems .
I had a couple of nice photos of postcards to post here
but booger in all it's wisdom has decided I must use
Picasa to upload my own photos and I really think
this is a horrible way to do things !
Do you know how this all works ?
I'm just wondering about private blogs.
There are blogs about that are only for invited readers
so I'm assuming these blogs first have to upload to Picasa which
then takes away any privacy for them then .
I like being able to load a photo straight from my computer
so I'm really not impressed with this .
I'm really interested in your thoughts on this
am I over reacting and should just get used  to it ?
or just suck it up princess ?
I'm off to do some gardening that will cheer me up xxx


Jindi's Cottage said...

Hi Clare...well you made me look...had to see if the bored blogger people had made yet another unfriendly change...I can still upload straight from my computer. When I clicked to add an image and it goes to the "Select a file" box the "Upload" option at the top of the left side menu is highlighted in red (it is the default selection), simply then click on the "Choose files" button on the right and it goes to the computer's files. While it doesn't specifically say upload from your computer anymore that option is the default. Hope this helps.

Leonie said...

I have a friend who the same has happened for. It is incredibly frustrating

Leonie said...

I have a friend who the same has happened for. It is incredibly frustrating

Samantha said...

Hi, yes has changed my blog uploading too, I did read somewhere that blogger is trying to fix this, in the meantime I can copy and paste an image into a new post,hope this is helpful :)

Createology said...

I don't know anything about blogging or its many hiccups. I got my swap partner address and am mailing my postcard tomorrow. Thank you. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Melody said...

Hope everyone has heaps of fun swapping their postcards.

CatNCart Craft said...

Hi Clare
I encountered the same problem at the weekend, horrible.
The advise from Google Support was that it only affected IE users.
I changed to Firefox and could upload straight from my computer. Let me know if you want more information

Kate said...

Blogger is letting me upload pix from my own files. Usually it won't let me upload from Picasa.

Indigo Blue said...

I have had some problems this week and I ended up having to change to Google Chrome. I did this before and had to change back to explorer, so we shall see how long this works.

As for Picasa, you can set your privacy settings to only you seeing the pictures and no one else. There should be hlep button or tutorial for you to browse. been using it for yesars and no probs but do keep and eye on the the image size as it can use up more space. There is a certain amount of free space before you may have to pay anything.
Hope this helps but do check out the FAQ as it will show you more than I have here.
Snowed under at the moment so I hope to sign up for a future swap.
best of luck with it.

trash said...

Hi Clare,

I have had no postcard swap emailcome through.Please would send it again. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, I commented on the postcard post but didn't get my partner.
Was I supposed to email you???