Friday, January 25, 2013

playing with dolls

Hello how are you ?
Are you here to play dolls ?
This is just a one off link up to show off your dolls .
It may be a doll collection , a doll you've made or a doll you'd like to make.
Your doll , one of your kids dolls or even a doll that you really hate .
Dolls clothes or furniture anything to do with dolls !
Add the link to your doll post here and try very hard to see some
other dolls on other blogs and stop and say hi if you can .
Tell us a bit about your doll and tell your friends you are playing dolls here .
My doll pictured above named Clare Sarah was my very first doll
and she is the one thing (after the kids ) that I would be
getting if the house was on fire .
Poor old Clare Sarah has been well and truly loved but
if any of my family spot this post they will be shuddering
at creepy Clare Sarah .
The linky thingy will stay until Sunday evening and then
I will randomly select a winner of the doll fabric .
You must link your post to be in the running to win the fabric .
See ! Even big girls can have fun playing with dolls !
PS I adore , really adore this doll so go easy on her .


barb's creations said...

Snap,your doll has the same haircut as mine making fun of your sweetie if you don't make fun of mine.I think old dolls are the best especially if they're a bit battered around the edges :) Barb.

Mistea said...

Your doll looks very well loved.
Pretty fabric you're sharing.

MsMidge said...

Great link up! I've linked a post I did a couple of weeks ago :)

Christine M said...

How lovely to meet Clare Sarah. I haven't looked at my dolls for a very long time. Having three boys, there was never the call for it! I've just linked up with you Clare.

Nanny@nannynotes2u said...

Hi Clare! I have never joined a link before and I am so glad That this was my first! I have really enjoyed meeting all the dolls and their Mum's so thank you!!!