Wednesday, January 16, 2013

liking tarts

Hello and good morning !
Do you like a good tart ?
I found a really easy recipe for pecan tart and tried it
and it was so successful I thought I would share it with you .
If I'm going to get fat you may as well too .
The recipe I found had you making the shells
pfffft that's what supermarkets are for ,
 I bought premade pastry shells and used 16 little ones .
Heat the oven at 180c.
Put your premade shells on a baking tray .
Arrange some pecans on the bottom of the shells.
In a jug whisk together
1/2 cup maple syrup,2 eggs , 1/4 cup brown sugar,
20g melted butter , 1tbsp plain flour and 1tsp mixed spice.
Pour mixture over pecans .
Bake for about 20mins.
Let them cool (they set a little more when they cool)
Dust with some icing sugar and serve with icecream or cream .
Or leave them sitting on the bench to cool and they just disappear .
I love recipes that are so easy but make it seem like you worked hard.