Monday, December 10, 2012

under the christmas tree

How crazy is this time of year !
I've taken some casual work on and because it's in
retail I have been getting lots of work and get home
all tuckered out . So I haven't been visiting or blogging and
to be honest my family are lucky to be fed .
What's going on with you ?
Are you all relaxed and happy ?
Or just busy but still happy ?
Have you been getting ready for Christmas ?
Have you made some food or decorations , gifts or cards ?
Would you like to share what you've done ?
Just add your link here and show everyone .
So many questions from me this week , can you tell I've missed you ?


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

No Christmas Shopping done, two orders for a ruffle scarf which needs to be done by tomorrow busy and running out of time - So of course I'm on the computer LOL

Thanks for hosting xo

Kate said...

Ive actually made progress! Just two pressies left to buy, which is pretty good considering how much time has been spent hanging around hospitals lately. Hopefully doing my baking next week, then I can get something up on my blog :-)