Sunday, December 2, 2012

tidying up my balls

I've been known to be a little crazy about my Christmas lights .
Each year when it's time to take my 1000s of solar lights down
I give them a dust off , remove the battery and wrap each set
carefully in their own bag which is then labeled coloured or white.
This fussiness has never extended to the inside house decorations
or really inside the house at all anywhere.
Last year I started to address this by threading some of the balls on
a thin piece of ribbon when I packed them away .

It didn't take long before it grew ..

and grew

and grew .

Now when you walk in the front door you can't miss this

and if you look up when you sit in my husband's chair you see this

and if you so happen to walk past the loungeroom you see it like this .
I never knew getting organised could make me this happy !


manda said...

Ok, now I really need some cheap packets of baubles and some ribbon. It looks so great! Like it was meant!

Kate said...

You have a lot of balls!! Love how they look all strung up.

regan said...

This is gorgeous! And I have so many 'extra' balls that never make it to the tree! Now I'm doing this! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love it!!

Three Sheep Studio said...

This is Beautiful !
Visiting from "Sew Many Ways".

Anne said...

Very pretty idea!! :)

simplestitches said...

omg! I've probably got enough balls to do that....I tend to colour coordinate the decs, but I might do this instead...looks great (and a great way to store them afterwards)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I'm going to copy that!!!! Always hated cheap baubles but they look gorgeous!! Clever you.

Unknown said...

That previous comment was me. Not anonymous just incapable of pressing right button.

Grey said...

I just love this! I found this on 36th Ave Christmas Ideas and all those fun colors called my name. How whimsical!

Melody said...

This is absolutely fabulous

Anita said...

świetna girlanda :*

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