Friday, November 5, 2010

colourful friday

I'm really sorry to be flaunting more beautiful canisters
Do I sound sorry , ha !
If it's any consolation some of these are
so old and faded that it is quite hard to call them pink .


RG said...

More!!! Love 'em canister lady *grin*
Glad to have you in again this week Clare!! Go Pink!!! :p

Shay said...

I think you have a room full of these canisters stashed somewhere!

Sheila said...

Those canisters bring back memories my Mom had some similar when I was a little wee one .Thanks for sharing.

Narelle said...

Awww, the little honey canister is so sweet! :)

Karen said...

Good morning, Clare.
Flaunt away! They look wonderful and should be shown off to celebrate pink.
Enjoy your pink day!

Melody said...

What a great collection you have. Wonder what next weeks colour will be and will you have canisters

Carol said...

Cute canisters.

Hope the flooded pathways have cleared up.

marina said...

They are beautiful! But can I ask where do you keep them all??

Allie said...

Flaunt away - I love 'em!

Serenata said...

Marina has asked just the question I was thinking! Where DO you keep them all? ;-)

Unknown said...

I remember these, everyone had them

miss~nance said...

These are beautiful and a tripdown memory lane.

Hugs & Blessings


Unknown said...

I love them. Charmaine

Robyn said...

Oooh - I have the Nylex bread canister on the left, and always thought it was broken cause it didn't have a plastic bit on the lid like the other canisters I own. But your's is the same.......funny what you find on craft blogs isn't it?

Anonymous said...

oh I am sooo jealous of your cannisters Clare AND your gorgeous little tea set, it's divine!!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Clare,

Thank you for sharing your cannister collection. Maybe we should get you on "The Collectors".
Love the cannister for Honey.
Happy days.

Sally said...

More cannister delight! Gorgeous!!!

RobynLouise said... BIG is your house? You seem to have lots of collections of things. As for faded, well all colours come in different shades and that just adds to the interest :).

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Just lovely - they remind me of the ones my Nan had.

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