Sunday, March 9, 2014

while the cat's away

Before my husband went away recently
I asked him very nicely to paint over the mustard and blue
in the lounge room with white.
Oh and while he's at it why not those daggy brown bookshelves!
After all my husband is a housepainter I'm not just a nag.
He was not out the door ten minutes before I'd
mixed up some cornflour with a bit of tap water to make a paste.

I then boiled the kettle and mixed the boiling water
into the paste until it looked like this.
Thick but not too thick.

I trimmed one of my favourite vintage sheets.
Then I painted the back of the shelves with the cornflour mix
and put the cut pieces of sheet on the wet mix.

It turned out a treat!

I am so very happy with the result and
because it was so simple I'll be doing it again.

Now I just have to sort the books and load them back on.
But I think I'll take my time with that because I just like
looking at my new shelves just the way they are.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Clare! I don't know if I could spare one of my sheets though.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks so good Claire

Melanie said...

Wow it looks fantastic. x

Jenny said...

I love this, Clare :)

Gentle Joy said...

That looks so cheery. :) Gentle Joy

VickiLorraine said...

I so love this Clare. Job well done and <3 the tip on how you made your glue. I have never seen that before. See, you can teach an old dog like me new tricks :)

Unknown said...

That looks stunning!
You've inspired me :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nanny@nannynotes2u said...

This looks lovely Clare! I'll have to find something to give this a try on!! :)

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