Friday, March 14, 2014

pineapple tutorial

So you'd like to make a pineapple?
 You will need about 1/2 a metre of pineapple
coloured fabric to make yourself 74 x 3" prairie points.
For the prairie points you cut a neat 3" square and
fold point to point and press. 
 Fold again to form the triangle and press again.
There are plenty of tutorials for making
large quantities of prairie points around just ask Mr Google.

You will also need a base that measures 15cm high x 35cm long.
Start by sewing a row of points along the bottom
with the points aligning with the edge.
Tuck each point into the one on the left.

Continue doing rows and rows with your stitching
close to the top so that it is easily covered by the next row.
Position your points so the ones above are evenly
spaced between the ones below.
Don't worry about overlapping the edges as these will
be trimmed off later.
Keep adding rows until you reach about 5cm from the top.

You need to use some green scrap fabric for the leaves.
Draw and cut out some templates from cardboard
as shown above.

Trace your greenery onto doubled green fabric.
You can do the whole lot and stitch around all of them
before cutting around them and turning them
right side out.
You will need 8 small leaves and 5 large ones.

Turn under the top edge 2cm and pin the small leaves
along the front and space the larger leaves behind.
Stitch right along securing the leaves.

With right sides facing join edges and sew
about 1cm in to make the back seam.
Now you'll need to trim all the excess bits of points
to neaten it all up a bit.

Cut a 12cm diameter circle from your main fabric.
Pin it to the bottom edge of your pineapple taking
care you don't catch any points.
Usually after I pin the base I tack around it by hand
before machine sewing as I found it easier to pull the
pins out.

Now it should look like this!
Start stuffing.
When you have done all your stuffing just secure the top
by tacking around beneath the leaves and pulling tight to gather.
Keep stitching through all your top layers so everything
stays together because anytime anyone sees your
pineapple they have to play with it.
Flip the bottom, small leaves down so they cover the top row
of prairie points stitching.
You can add a few tiny stitches to keep them down if you like.

 What do you think ?
Will you be making a pineapple?
Thanks for visiting, it's nice to have you here. 


StasaLynn said...

Super cute and great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

New reader here - how on earth did you come up with this? It's just adorable! Can't wait to see more...

VickiLorraine said...

I loved making your carrots last year from your tutorial, so I will definitely be making one of these cute pineapples in the near future too.

You write great tutes :)

Unique said...

great tutorial!

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