Tuesday, June 4, 2013

you know how it is

I first heard about The Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition in March.
Wow I thought I'll have a go at that !
The idea is you buy a pack of gorgeous trimmings , make something
from them , put them up and wait for thousands of people
to repin them from pinterest as each pin counts as a vote.
Sounds so easy doesn't it.......
I stuffed around for ages and never got to it but I 
finally glued my trimmings
around little sewing spools a few weeks ago....
.....and then left them.
I then decided this morning I'd better do something with them
so I strung the spools onto thread with some lovely wooden beads.
Of course no one was home to take a photo for me so
I took one myself and you can see all my junk in the background.

Tough luck I thought .... I'll just get my entry in anyway.
So then I went to The Umbrella Prints Blog to get the address
to email my details to and discovered

entries closed four days ago !
This was all totally my own fault but I still had fun anyway.
(and I now have a pretty cool necklace)
Visit the pinterest board and pin your favourites and
see the talent that did get their act together in time .


Jane from Lil Pip said...

LOVE the necklace and I totally would have pinned that!

Sally said...

An uber cool necklace indeed - who cares about deadlines - you're a winner all the same.

VickiLorraine said...

Looks lovely Clare...

Kate said...

That's a bummer! But I love your necklace :-)

Nanny@nannynotes2u said...

What a shame - I think your creative use of the trims would have been a real winner! :)

Melody said...

Such a shame. Your necklace certainly looks like a winner to me.

Amy Prior said...

Oh No! Clare! Can we add your entry on our board for you....better late than never xox

Amy Prior said...

PS this is Amy Prior from Umbrella Prints by the way x

Amy Prior said...

WE put your gorg entry up on Pinterest- better late than never!