Wednesday, June 26, 2013

just keep dancing

when everything seems so chaotic

and nothing is the same
except for two squares that I didn't want to be the same

when the pile of stuff just gets higher

and we feel like throwing it to the wind

when we feel so very scattered
just keep dancing

keep on dancing.
I meant joining just keep joining .


Jane from Lil Pip said...

Gorgeous - what will it finally become? mmmm maybe something for me lol

Love it - well done Clare!

Shay said...

Well your theory of just keep dancing joining...seems to be working. That's beautiful!

Great pictures too!

Debra @ Homespun said...

A fun post and lovely project! :)

Sharon Dawn said...

Love those blocks! They will look wonderful stitched together!

Leonie said...

So pretty!

Hacer Özkan said...

It's looking great!Congratulations.

Suki Fourcade said...

Hehe. Love this post and your blog :)