Wednesday, September 12, 2012

morning tea with

Hello there , thanks for coming over . Make yourself comfy .
This morning Mich from Lilli May Designs is here for morning tea .

Coffee or tea ?
Decaf Tea please .
What is your business ?
  Lilli May designs.
What do you do ?
 I hand make clothes and decor items for children and the home.
How long has it been going ?
 8 months
 How did it start out ?
  I have been sewing for over 20 years, but really started focusing on it when I was made redundant late last year.
How do manage around your family ?
 When Lilli May (16 month old daughter) sleeps, that's when I sew.
 If I am particularly busy, then my husband will take her out for the day on Saturdays and Sundays.
When your craft becomes your work how do you relax ?
 I have allocated Friday's as my 'day off' so even when she sleeps I don't sew any orders. If I feel like sewing on a Friday, I will make something 'just for fun'
Do you make things and sometimes keep them for yourself ?
Yes all the time! Sometimes I create a fabric combo for an order, and realise how great it is, that I make one for Lilli May as well!. Plus I am in the middle of making a skirt and vest for myself.
What is your favourite craft?
Sewing and all things fabric
Describe a normal day for you ?
Get up and dressed, have breakfast and play outside and then go for a walk with the pram with Lilli May. Come inside and have lunch. Lilli May then goes down for her nap so I get 2 hours of sewing done. I will usually spend this time working on orders, locked away in my cougar cave with the radio on. Then after dinner whilst we both watch her, I respond to emails, search for fabrics and do the invoicing.
Are your designs your own ?
 Some are my own, some are purchased and some are modified from purchased patterns
Tell us something quirky about yourself ?
I LOVE to eat lemons and salt!
What are your plans ? How much further do you plan to take your business ?
 I plan to keep creating beautiful handmade items for my family and customers and to grow it so that I can continue to help support our family and spend precious time with Lilli May as she grows.
Where do you sell ? 
 I currently only sell online, with a view to start street markets next year
Mich it was lovely having you here for a cuppa thanks !
Please pop over and visit Mich and say hello and
see her beautiful items for yourself .
I'll be back for morning tea next Wednesday with .......