Wednesday, August 22, 2012


If I was silly enough to have plans for my life someone
somewhere is having a great laugh at them .

A repeated post just so you know I'm not dead ........or something .


A tribute to a very special friend .

I am so grateful to you my uncomplicated friend .
Although you came with no instructions
I understood you completely and you me from the moment we met .
My friend , you and I were meant to be together .
Through thick and thin (fabric) and when I've felt I've lost my way ,
you were there to gently guide me .
You never pretend to be anything you're not and never laze about on the cutting mat limp and uninspiring .
You don't try and seduce me with false promises of greatness or flash your cottony goodness at me and demand my attention .
You have never complained about threads caught in your bobbin or squealed and whined about needing an oil or dust .
You have always been prepared to work really , really hard for me and you are always ready to spend lots of time with me .
You my friend are loyal and true ,
I thank you x


karumina said...

ten cuidado... es traicionera!!!

Barb said...

you are tooo funny!

Anthea said...

Oh this poem is a prickly one for me... i cannot find my beloved unpicker anywhere, I've had it 25 years & it's the only one I've ever had...
Such a lovely post & so very true!

Liz said...

I liked it before and it still makes me smle. Pleased you are still with us

quilary said...

Ha ha! I think I've blunted my little friend - we've bit too matey!


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