Monday, August 27, 2012

cheaters sometimes prosper

Maybe not really cheating , let's call it a shortcut .

I found a delicious recipe for rainbow cake the other day
and thought I had saved it somewhere safely .
Well I didn't save it safely so I had to improvise.
I had very little time (Clare speak for I wasn't organised)
and needed to whip something up that looked good.
I just used a plain old vanilla cake mix and made it up.
Then I  divided the mix into three and coloured it .
I would have done more colours but this was all I had.

It was all so very easy but I will tell people it was hard .
That's just the sort of girl I am .


Bec Clarke said...

My mother-in-law is one of the best cooks in our area and that's all that she does, makes a big cake mix and divides it up.

Kylie said...

I think you probably did it the best way :)
I made rainbow cake last year for my daughters' 1st birthday. I tried this fabulous rainbow cake recipe, one that had the quantities set for each individual layer - it was horrid. The batter was yellow (more yellow than a packet cake mix), so the colours were not a nice colour and it cooked like crap. Take 2, I made up a regular cake mix, divided it up into separate bowls and coloured it, then baked it in separate tins (layering it once cooked). It turned out brilliant :) not perfect bright colours, but more like pastel as the cake mix was a creamy colour - next time I will attempt a proper white cake mix (no yolks, just egg whites & I think no butter as well)

Indigo Blue said...

Very eye-catching though isn't it? Would make a lovely Eastery cake with those colours.

I used a cake mix and halved with a chocolate cake mix for cupcakes and they were even more fun to eat as each one was different.