Monday, August 20, 2012

and sew it has been

Again I have been missing .

Everyone but me has had the flu .

My daughter has been off school for three weeks.
My very elderly in laws (who live next door) have had hospital stays
and have needed a little extra care .
My husband has man flu .

I'm back with the real world this week
and have even managed some extra cooking .
These muffins are so delicious and easy but I wish I
had of known about Caramel Bits earlier .

Here's the recipe ~  Whisk together ~2 cups S/R flour , 2/3 cup caster sugar
100g melted butter , 1 egg , 1 cup of milk , 1 tsp vanilla
and 1 cup of chocolate bits but I'll be making mine with caramel bits.
Spoon into muffin tin and bake at 180c for about 20 minutes.
Make 12 very , very yummy muffins .

I had to make a trip away from my little town the other day
so I took the chance to pop into Spotlight .
I had sick kids in the car , the shop was about to close
but I needed to be in amoung some craft !

With seconds to spare I decided on some charm squares
to make myself a quilt .

What a shame I can't quilt .

How are your family ?
Have they had this terrible flu ?
Does the male in your house get man flu?


Carmel Morris said...

I bet you can quilt if you just give it a go :)

Kelli - Twist of Citrus said...

I had no idea about caramel bits either, I will have to give those a try! Love the charm pack, I don't quilt either, and have no desire to, I'm sure you can find another gorgeous project to use them though :)

Elizabeth said...

Those caramel bits sound so yummy. I don't know if we have them here in NZ, but, I will be taking a look next time I am in the supermarket. I am very lucky, my husband never has man flu, and when he is unwell he never complains, so, much so, that when he had chest pains he convinced himself that it was heart burn and didn't go to the Dr. for about 24 hours - yes you guessed it, he had had a heart attack and had to have a few stents put in his chest. He was in absolute denial that he could possibley be having a heart attack, he was not over weight and he walked every day

nicole kane said...

oh no! not man flu!!!
hope everyone is getting back on their feet!

Vicki said...

Both my hubby and I have had whooping cough which is rampant here thie year - but now he has man flu and I swear that he's even worse with that! Might try out those yummy looking muffins to make me feel better!! And I must check out those caramel bits - what a great idea. Hope life is improving fast at your place, Clare.